Limited Edition Balenciagas, what do we think?


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  1. These came into my store just last week. What do we think? They are limited edition and Neiman Marcus in San Francisco is one of the only 3 stores in the world to carry it.

  2. Not me personally, but maybe for others. My question for you is what are the bags called on the top shelf with the hand loop and snap on top and how much are they?
  3. o0o0o they remind me of the hong kong limited edition cow print ones from a few seasons back!

    I like how each of them is individual! but I'm not into the actual ponyhair personally. but they look pretty to me!
  4. They aren't ponyhair. I can't rememeber exactly what it is but it's very soft unlike ponyhair.
  5. They are similar to the AULMONIERE but smaller. I think it's around $1000 but I'm not 100% sure. I will check on it on Saturday.
  6. really? rabbit maybe? find out for us!
  7. I will call my manager tommorrow and find out.
  8. not my style
  9. I wouldn't carry one, but they sure are cute! I'm interested to know what they're made of.
  10. I like the wallets. I don't like hairy bags.
  11. they are wild goat hair....
  12. :roflmfao: me either
  13. So this is what a bal. looks like before they shave 'em and dye 'em.
  14. cute and fun! although, probably not something i would carry everyday. what are the prices like?
    and thanks for posting this! it's fun to see something different and rare!
  15. Don't like them at all. :sad: Interesting to see though, thanks for posting these!