limited edition bags

  1. Do you ever buy a bag just bacause it's limited edition? Sometimes I feel I'd buy a bag just because it's considered a "collector's item" but when I ask myself if I REALLY love the bag I end up not buying it and getting a more "common" design. For example I thought about buying an LV cerise bag when they came out and I didn't cause my reason told me that cute cherry patterns are not really my I bought another mono canvas...
  2. I did once, a limited edition beaded LAMB bag. It's lovely, but not for me. I am hoping my DD will take it off my hand and use it.....
  3. I fell in love with a Chloe paddington and had to have it. Knowing that it was a LE (only 50 were sold), made it even more appealing. :yes: Been using it every day.

    I won't buy a bag just because it's a LE. I have to love the bag as well.
  4. The only LE bags I buy are LV ones..but I HAVE to like them and know I'll use them before I'll buy them. I wouldn't just buy them because they're LE..I don't just buy my stuff to sit, I buy them to use them :yes:
  5. i buy LV's LE, because i love them i don't buy the LE's because it's LE
  6. BEADED Lamb bag?!

    I don't think I've seen that one before, I'm envious! :love: