Limited edition bag charms

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  1. Hi all, i just recently purchased the louis vuitton owl bag charm.... first ever louis vuitton purchase!! Now its arrived (ordered online) i think it probably isnt suitable for me as wont fit on my current handbag. Just wondering is there any reason to hold onto it? Ie. Because it is limited edition i'm wondering if it would be an investment piece to hold onto that i could atleast sell in the future if i really dont get on with it. I don't know how to feel about it, i love owls and quirky things, but if i cant use it no point holding onto it (even though i plan to buy a lv bag in the future). I thought i could use it as a keyring for car keys but it would be a waste i think as it would get pretty destroyed in my handbag. Help! :smile:
  2. Edit: Sorry, wrong post!
  3. I have that bag charm and love it..I'm using it on my bag now,,If you think you will not use it, I would return it, don't keep it just as an investment piece as there is no guarantee you will get your money back on it just because it's an LE item.
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  4. From what I've seen on the second hand market bag charms don't seem to hold their value as well as bags. Even LE charms. I say if you're not thrilled maybe look at different charms LV does make a lot of cute ones.
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  5. Definitely not an investment piece. Everything at Louis Vuitton is more or less "limited edition" these days.
  6. That is so true :smile: