Limited Edition All cowhide vachetta speedy

  1. I heard of this speedy before and just saw this one on eBay. Now I just love it, too bad I really can't get it at this moment. I'm wondering how this bag looks with normal use and if any one in the forum owns one. How limited is it? and if anyone owns one, pictures please?
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  2. It's beautiful! I have seen an all vachetta Noe before and if you are really careful, it's gorgeous. I'd ruin it!
  3. I'll buy it but probably will never use it. I was wondering if it gets all dark like some speedy handles. I'll love to see many with different tones of patina.
  4. Wow, I had seen the Noe before but not the all vachetta Speedy! it's truly stunning but I too would be a little squeamish carrying it due to worrying about the vachetta. And for me, that is a dealbreaker. I will carry my bags carefully but I can't stress out about 'em, KWIM?
  5. That`s gorgeous. Though, judging from how the handles on my mono speedy looks like, I would make that bag ugly and gross in no time :shame:
  6. That's so freakin' cool...I could only imagine how heavenly it smelled when it was brand new :drool:
  7. Nice bag, I am surprised that the handles have the same tone as the rest of the bag. I bet the previous owner did not use it much.
  8. I remember awhile back, someone posted a pic and I think there were all vachetta Speedies, Buckets, Ellipses and Noes in the same picture. If I find it, I'll post it.

    But really, this bag won't patina evenly...I'm thinking the bottom, zipper pull and handles will be dark while the sides will be light (unless you spill something on it).

    ETA: Ok found it, it was actually a Trouville, Speedy and Ellipse:
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  9. if you like a bag made out of vachetta you can also look for a nomade speedy.
  10. Wow they look so nice and pale brand new, they should throw some other editions with other styles, like the lockit or even a Jasmin one for example. :love:
  11. it's beautiful, but i would be freaking out to wear it, too afraid to get this bags scratch so easily...
  12. Thanks I've been thinking about the nomade speedy for a while. ;)
  13. It's gorgeous
  14. woowww it's sooo pretty! i can imagine how it looks like when it's all honey patina :smile:
    but i think the nomade is prettier :p
  15. That is stunning!