Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Saddle Bag

  1. I love the france one.
  2. the more i look at Egypt and France the more i want to just rob a bank and get them ! :supacool:
  3. I so want to collect them all. Russia is my favorite.
  4. i LOVE the india one.. but love al things pink so that explains it
  5. I love the Japan and China one. the detailing is amazing. Wonder if the Japan one is made of velvet/suede?
  6. I actually played with the Japan bag at the Dior store in NYC back in December. If I recall correctly there was no leather or suede on this bag. In fact I don't even recall it being velvet but more of a black (cotton and/or silk) material. That was over 3 months ago and my memory is not as good as it was a few years ago. :nuts:
  7. omg i love all of them if only i could have them all...
    how much do you think is for one of them?
  8. average price for the saddle is around 2500 pounds. the specific prices are listed in another thread which Chloe started. :yes: if i remember correctly, the USA one is one of the most expensive ones at 2750 (thereabouts) pounds.

    *wonders if a mod can merge this thread with the other thread:*.
  9. Love the Argentina one!
  10. I like the France one!!!!
  11. I like morroco
  12. Any one here got any?

  13. nope but we are thinking about creating a special 10th anniversary saddle bag fund and buy 3 or 4 and just exchange them once in a while between ourselves ! :supacool: all donations welcome !:graucho:
  14. I like France the most, then Japan and Spain.