"Limited Coach" Back on Ebay!?!

  1. I posted here about this bag a while back (I think its the same one)...

    Coach Handbag NOT YET RELEASED 2008 White and Silver[​IMG]

    It has a buy it now of $2200!:wtf:

    What was the census...fake? real? from last season??:shrugs:


    Interesting to say the least!</IMG>

  2. It looks like some kind of other animal skin, not leather, maybe snake, but that could just be the photos-- and it looks... well, scarily real. My only problem is that they should be shooting the fall ready-to-wear advertising campaigns now-- not next Spring. Not yet. So I have a hard time buying this.
  3. ^^Yeah...the desciption is sketchy...^^:shrugs:
  4. love how the numbers on the creed are conveniently covered...:rolleyes:

    uhm. and am i the only one who thinks it's pretty fugly?!
  5. ^^It is not attractive at all!^^

    In the auction, she also advises to call Coach with any questions re: the bag...HMMM...
  6. okay, for a minute there i thought you were going to rave about how good it looked. lol. :sweatdrop:
  7. :noggin:

  8. i swear i'm a nice person.:greengrin:
  9. Yeah, yeah...LOL!

    From the auction:
    The bag was given to me by a friend who is the model for the new coach adveertising campaign for spring 2008 --- that is the only way i am able to have it this far in advance.

    You can call Coach to verify that the bag item # and description are legitimate.

    So who's gonna call?:devil:
  10. muahha i like your thinking handbaglover!

    give me the info

    i'll plug it in wedns

    i won't forget

    and put it in my PDA :biggrin:
  11. uhm, hi coach. i'm looking at this total bs auction on eBay for a fugly bag and i wanted to know if you're going to be making it. yes, i said going to. mmhmm. no, i'm not crazy, i swear it's a bag from the FUTURE!.

  12. ^^:lol: ^^
    Thanks Ms. W.
    You crack me up, Kallison!

    Here is the "Style#"
    Item number is #10152 and name on the tag is "NATALIE BOHO"
  13. boho?! wtf?
  14. well the style #s are now in the higher #s such as '10711', the smaller numbers are older styles. plus i remember seeing the Natalie bag on a delete list a while ago ( i was excited because its the bag named after me :biggrin:)
    so i would call this bag a fake for sure!
  15. no, thannk you!


    i think, that at most you can say it's an older style

    if real

    but not new?!