Limited Clothing

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  1. I know alot of you wear clothing from the Limited.. I buy their slacks an stuff for work, they sometimes have killer suits- a bit over priced though..
    Lately though the new stuff I have been buying is not holding up.. My silk sweater (79.99)developed a hole in it the first time I put it on. I was at work...right by the left coconut...
    I had some pants(69.99) that were not tight- split right down the crack when i squatted..
    I took the sweater back the same night and they refused to return because it was worn- I was like yes it was- but u see where the fabric unraveled. they refused to..I was like ok.. do I go further or do I let it be..
    Then gosh darn it the pants incident happened. and darn it they refused that also and told me to take it to a seamstress.. Sorry sweetie if I buy some pants from you and they split after 2 or 3 wears and I take them to the cleaners- I deserve a new pair... Did not get anywhere.. SO my next step is going to district manager- but is it worth it - all the time and energy..
    bottom line is anyone else having a problem with the quality of the merchandise and or returns...
    I'd like to hear.....
    and man I used to love to buy there work clothes and stuff..
    I am just not going in there anymore and buy my stuff from Nordstroms like I used to do and know that if something happens. I can forever return it...
  2. I have some 70% silk, 30% nylon sweaters I got for like $20 from that I have used and abused unforgivably, thrown them in the washer, into the dryer balled up from the washer, and they have come out with the same shape, a bit of shrinkage 1st time, but I ordered a larger size precisely so I could throw it into the dryer.

    They are very sturdy and serviceable silk blend sweaters, come in many colors, and they're cheap!
  3. It's totally unforgiveable for the Limited not to be giving you your money back on those pieces, or at least exchanging them. I used to work at the Limited, and trust me, that company spends pennies on the dollar making its clothes, the markup is unbelievable. The company is losing very little money by offering you an exchange and is losing much more cash by alienating you as a customer. I wouldn't go back if I were you.

    Just by way of suggestion, I generally shop at J Crew and have never had any trouble returning or exchanging merchandise if it didn't hold up or if I found a flaw in it. One time I bought a skirt and the entire hem came unraveled the first time I wore it, J Crew shipped it back for free and refunded me immediately. I generally don't have problems with J Crew clothing, and I order a lot of it! But when I have, returns are no problem at all.
  4. i have found in the last few years the chain stores like limited, expressess and nynco quality has gone so far down hill as they have become so uber popular and affordable that they churn it out to meet demand not worrying abotu screwing customers.

    sorry it had to happen to you
  5. I refuse to shop there. I don't like their extremely strict return policy.

    Plus, I resell most of my clothes on eBay when I'm sick of them. Although clothes from The Limited are somewhat pricey, they have absolutely no eBay resale value :sad: I'd rather shop at J Crew or Banana Republic and be able to recoup some of my money when I'm sick of it! :smile:
  6. I've bought LOADS of stuff from the Limited and Express over the years. They are always super nice at the stores, and they're great places to get really cute things cheap. But I've noticed that their things are not really holding up too! A brand new blouse split on the seem recently. I hope their quality is not going totally down...
  7. Their prices have gone up and their value has gone down and that is unacceptable!! There is a lot of competition and there is no need for you to buy clothes from there!!
  8. I would definately not accept no as an answer. Call the customer service department, you have nothing to lose. After reading your post, I would never buy from The Limited.
  9. Thanks guys.....
    I called customer service and I will mail the pants and top to corporate and once they receive they will issue a refund on shipping as well..
  10. but as a ONE TIME EXCEPTION I wont be able to do it worries I will not be shopping there anymore...
  11. I'm really ANTI-Limited. They're sizing is bizarre--at least for my body. A large is too small and an extra-large is too big.

    The few times, I've found something that fits, I could not justify the price for the quality I was getting. When they have their "big" sale, is the only time I'd buy something from them. At that point, the prices seem to be a better reflection of the quality.

    They've really gone downhill in terms of customer service and their return policy. Oh well--good thing that there are other stores out there that I love :P
  12. i totally agree with the sizing!!! The med is too small, and the large is too big!!
  13. I only have one pair of jeans and and one pair of bell bottom slacks from there and believe me they were on the clearance rack @ Marshalls. They are overpriced and w/Ann Taylor being right across the way and Banana Republic almost next door -why even bother.
  14. I had similar issues with a Limited sweater last year. The first time I wore it, the seam totally unraveled and there was a huge hole. I took it right back without even washing it and they let me exchange it for an identical one, without any problems. But the new one got a hole in the same exact place!!!! So, that one went right back too. :hysteric: This process continued until I was on my 4th sweater when I finally got a keeper that didn't fall apart.

    They never gave me any problems about returning the defective sweaters and the one SA actually said that I wasn't the only person having a problem with that sweater, but since then, I've been reluctant to shop there again.:s
  15. I had similar problems with the Limited long ago. I bought I couple of dresses that came apart and they refused to refund my $$. I wrote an angry letter to the corporate office telling them that their customer service is truly "limited" and that I would never shop there again. and I never have.