Limited as Seller on eBay????

  1. I am trying to sell my Hermes Kelly bag (authentic) on eBay to raise funds for a Birkin. Apparently I edited the listing too many times and eBay locked me out. When I tried to add more pictures, it prevented me from doing so. When I emailed customer support they advised me to end the auction early, appeal to the billing department for a refund and then relist the item. Now that I've ended the auction and gotten a refund from billing, I can't relist because of this message:
    You can not submit your listing due to the following problems
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Attention Seller:In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts listing items that are reportedly favored by counterfeiters. At this time, you are limited in the number of items you can list (or revise) in any 7 day period. If you have any additional questions about this subject, email us at Customer Support.
    We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship.

    Has this ever happen to anyone? I feel like a real idiot (obviously I am not a Power Seller). When can I expect to be able to relist (a week)? Thanks!
  2. It's a common issue and many of us have been limited due to designer restrictions.

    If you search this subforum, you're likely to find any number of threads on the subject. Unfortunately, you've just got to wait it out (usually 7 days after your last listing ends). Prior to their latest shutdown, the eBay T+S boards were a great source of information on this subject.
  3. Ebay has placed restrictions on new accounts, accounts with less than X amount of feedback and a whole host of other criteria which they will not even disclose to you. I have done everything and I am even a Power Seller and I still have restrictions on my own account. I have been a member for quite a while and also have over 300+ all positive feedback. Last month I had a Babylone listed that I knew was authentic having bought it from LV myself and someone did a BIN on it, paid me, and two days later Ebay yanked the auction saying it violated copyright issues.

    I have been arguing back and forth with them forever on this issue. You will get nowhere, I am sorry to tell you. I have 3 listings right now and cannot list a 4th even with my all positive record AND being a Power Seller.
  4. Thanks! I won't boycott just yet :rolleyes: I appreciate your responses!
  5. Congratulations! I just posted about this as well. I had a few LV items up for auction and wanted to revise my pictures but got the same warning. I haven't been able to put up any new auctions either for the same reason. I've emailed ebay customer service back and forth (I told them to please see my 100% positive feedback and look at the history of the items I've listed) and they give a whole host of reasons including, sellers with an increasing number of auctions (what kind of reason is that?) etc. etc. Also, they say that limits may be placed on sellers carrying specific brand items but they try to console you by saying that if your item doesn't belong in that category then you can certainly sell (so much for emptying out my closet on ebay).

    Good luck with this. I've been at it with them for several days now and have just decided to give up. I hope you do better:smile:
  6. I have over 700 postives and got hit with the same error about posting last month and it was right after I spent $4600 at the Coach store on my credit card. Ebay and I went round and round and I email them every day complaining they were costing me money. I sent them pictures of the receipts, gave them the store address, phone number and after weeks and weeks of sending proof and 50 more postive feedback, I got released to sell.
    They had no excuse and it was random supposedly. It was very upsetting.
    If you have proof of authenticy keep trying.
    I explained to them, they can't send me encouraging emails to sell more, work towards higher numbers, and flash the higher powerseller status in front of me, then put limits on me.
    Now they have let me sell, I have been too overwhelmed and busy trying to get ready for the Christmas rush and trying to figure out what will be hot for this Christmas.
  7. This exact same thing happened to me while revising an auction the other day.

    I phoned Ebay (it was even a Sat. or Sun.) spoke with someone who was formerly with Trust and Safety. He told me to initiate the email button and assured me he would walk it over to the correct department and take care of it. I had my doubts and hung up thinking, yeah right.

    Well, he did and within an hour my account was 'reviewed' and the restrictions were lifted. I think it all depends on the luck of the draw of who you are in contact with... someone who cares or someone who is simply collecting a pay check.
  8. There have been numerous threads about this, and in one of the previous threads someone said that if you revise your listing it actually counts as if it's a new auction. I use Auctiva and usually have to revise at least once because Auctiva checkout is not compatible with the "immediate payment required" on BIN items, even if you disable it. So I always have to revise to add it. Some of you have had luck contacting Ebay, but they have never helped me. I was in the same situation as legacyboutique where I had a $5000 AMEX bill after going to the Woodbury Commons outlets when I was back in NY. And AMEX has to be paid in full every month. That was not a fun month! Between Ebay sales being very slow and the stupid listing restrictions, I was freaking out!