Limited Addition Gold Mirior Keepall?

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  1. I know many of you missed out on some of the most limited of the Mirior pieces when the line was first released.If any of you LV Mirior lovers would be interested in one BNWT I can hook you up with a LV store location that has one.It was purchased as a gift and kept hidden away but was returned for another limited piece.PM me if you want the info,I don't want to post it on the open forum as I'd like a member to get first shot,instead of the general reading public.The best thing is you can snap it up at retail instead of the over inflated e-bay prices;).
  2. I've gotten quite a few PM's,I hope a tPF member scores this bag :smile:.
  3. I hope so too, congrats to anyone who gets it :smile:
  4. No longer available!
  5. I called the store 3 times and they never answered the phone (they must be super busy)! So I missed out, but I hope it found a good home on tpf. I have a Miroir piece already so it is good to share! If somebody got it please share so we can drool over your pics! Thanks Cat for giving us the heads up!
  6. Wow! What an incredible find: Way to keep us informed!
  7. Oh wow i would have loved to gotten it.