Limit on number of bags one can buy/order on one visit?

  1. I'm still plotting my Paris visit in Feb. As I mentioned in a previous post, I got super lucky last time in Paris, so am v. optimistic about this visit, too. Now I'm thinking I'll try asking for both bags (1 birkin, 1 kelly) at the same time...see whether they have one of them and will let me order another. Might that work? When I was in the store before, they told another woman she could only "order one per season", but she was buying a birkin, so maybe there's a one per season limit on those, but could it be possible to get 2 different kinds of bag in one season? I should have better luck because it's PO season, right???

    any insight appreciated. Also, do they track across all stores? (could I try buying/ordering one bag at FSH, one at George V
  2. I think Paris is strict on one birkin and one kelly per person
  3. Perfect! That is all I need, one birkin, one kelly. (this time) :graucho:
  4. it all boils down to yor relationship with the store but one b one k should be ok
  5. ah, great info. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  6. i don't think there were any limits on Kellys that were in stock or that they were expecting to receive (which they can then subsequently ship to you). i thought there was a limit on the Kellys, but was told, no, I can come back daily during my stay and buy as many as I wanted (too bad DH didn't exactly agree w/this philosophy!).
  7. One croc bag for one name. I had to use my husband's name on the second croc KP.
  8. lilach:heart: is right! (as usual:flowers::flowers:)

  9. Good to know:tup:
  10. :p...I can relate!
  11. I am not aware of a strict limit on Birkins or Kellys per visit, at least not at FSH (there wasn't one in the past, so, if there is now, that is news to me). There is a limit at my local store of 1 Birkin and 1 Kelly per year. So I don't see a problem with 1 Birkin and 1 Kelly in Paris. I think it may boil down to the choices available and if they suit your needs.
  12. ^Birkin Birkin or HAC Birkin

  13. Hmmm, I was thinking Birkin Birkin (did not think about the HAC in a different category though)...
  14. Did you use your BF's name for nunber 3??:graucho:
  15. Good question! I have a feeling they are in the same category. Before I visited a new store in person, I was told they could not sell me a Birkin over the phone. So...I asked about an HAC. They said same thing with the HAC. I took that to mean they put them in the same category....