limelight -- what color and size?!

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  1. hi guys! i saw the limelight when i was in vegas a couple weeks ago at the LV store and i am IN LOVE! i didnt even know this came out so long ago but i have to have it!! but of course i need to ask for some opinions from my LV experts aka you guys :yahoo:!

    do you know what colors are available right...seems like its the gold and the black...what would u go for? i love the black but pratically every bag i have is black...altho black is just so easy to match and all...

    and in terms of size...i am planning to use it as a going out bag...either to dinner, lounging etc etc...i know the GM makes a bigger statement but would it be too overwhelmig to carry around all night? if limelight owners for GM and PM could tell me what they think that'd be great. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!! cant wait to join the limelight club!
  2. I think you should get the PM gold.
  3. I didn't think that the GM was too big (I had it in my hands a few days ago), but definately go for the gold regardless of the size. Personally, I couldn't decide either and did without altogether. I do however love the bag!!!!!
  4. GM for sure! I both like gold and black
  5. Love the PM in Gold.
  6. PM in Noir!
  7. PM Gold or Noir... both are just stunning!
  8. Definitely PM Gold!!
  9. GOLD :yes:
  10. ahh i cant decide! gold should still be pretty easy to match right? altho most of my jewelry are you guys think it will clash?

    i was told the noir was more like a brown! gotta go down to my local LV to check i guess! thanks for all the input!!
  11. PM gold:tup:
  12. I'd say to go with the GM in gold. I love the large size of the GM and don't find it difficult to keep up with at all.
  13. I like the gold PM
  14. PM in Noir....
  15. I'd get the Black in GM and the Gold in PM!