limelight now part of the permanant collection?

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  1. hi guys!
    i was in the LV store in Zurich last week and they said that the limelight clutch which was supposed to be a limited edition bag is now going to come as a part of the permanent collection! i have one in perle and was quite upset to hear this! they were a little unsure about what colours it would come in...
    any news anyone?
  2. No it's not permanent but they are being released in two new colours black and gold
    there is also a new size PM 10cm smaller than the GM
    The release date is 1 Feb (estimate) and they are a 5 month 1 shot
    the gold has light purple lining and mine is waiting at the store I can't wait to get my hands on her (I have pearl too)

    I think that covers it but anything else you want to know?
  3. White plains, NY store had a copper this week if anyone is looking for one
  4. thanks label addict! thats a real relief to know! do you know what the price of the smaller one is? and what did you mean by 5 month 1 shot?
  5. 5 month 1 shot = my interpration is LV estimate the amount of bags that they should make to last them an approx 5 month period and produce the 1 run (1 shot) once those bags are gone that's it there will be no more made

    If they are very popular they could only be in stores 2 months or the people don't buy you may find it 9 months on I think these will be popular.

    the prices I heard were 750 Euros GM and 650 Euros PM but they can't be right because the first run was more than 750 Euros and we've had the price increase since then
  6. 650 Euros is about $950 (according to That doesn't sound bad at all. Gold with purple lining sounds yummy!! :yahoo:
  7. those prices can't be right the original limelight cost £630 but 750 Euros is just over £500
    Limelight GM is now on as £650 so PM maybe £100 less

  8. Wow!!! :yahoo:That even sounds better. Thanks Label. :flowers:
  9. no that's worse £650 is $1300 so IF and that it's only an IF it is £100 less it'd be $1100 for the PM but that is a total estimate
  10. So I guess, is not correct for the currecny exchange then. :confused1:

    Now I'm sad! :crybaby:
  11. at the minute there are about $2 to £1 so when ever you see a UK price just double it for Dollars
  12. I know the price for the limelight here are as follows:
    PM -- $1560 Au$
    GM -- $1770 Au$ (this is the same as the copper/pearle price)
  13. Hi i'm in Birmingham UK,i just popped into the shop today to make a reservation of the gold one and then i asked sa when it will be available and the price.The answer is in the first week of February and the price for the GM is 650£ like the old colours and the PM is 575£ but that's not the point because

    She asked me which colours i'm making the reservation and i'm not sure yet cause I haven't seen any.So she brought them both in Gold and Black out for me to see!!!and in PM as well but she said i couldn't buy it til it'll be available in a couple of weeks.

    I love the gold one to bits!!!it's not gold blingy gold but it's in a darker gold shade.
    for the black one i kinda like it but i don't think it's better than the gold one.i can hardly see the monogram on it.

    For the PM size i just don't like it,both size and price are hideous for me.

    So i signed for the gold one and can't wait to grab it in my
  14. ^ same here I didn't like the black or the pm size I can't wait to pick up my gold GM
  15. ^^^Hmmm, I was going for the PM size but nobody seems to like it. Maybe I should reconsider, I wish I could see it in person. I am going to see if my store also has them in stock already, but I doubt it as they are in desperate need of being replenished so I think it has been a little while since they have gotten a shipment.