Limelight - Go or No GO.....

  1. I went to LV last week and saw the copper Limelight in person for the first time and I was like:drool:

    I am seriously thinking of putting my 2008 purchases - the Pochette Bosphore, Epi Lock-It and the Zippy Coin Purse on hold because of this.

    Should I do it? I am so confused. I held that Limelight and I was in :heart::heart::heart::heart:.

    Limelight owners, please chime this clutch easy to use? Will my PTI or Pochette wallet, keys and a Blackberry fit in it? Is it versitile? I am so tempted.

    One more thing, I saw the Perle Limelight on the display and the color is not that unique....but that color maybe more versatile....If I do go for it, which one should I get??? I am so confused. Please help me everyone :idea: Please pick 1, 2 or 3. Thanks.

    1) Go for the Pochette Bosphore, Epi Lock-It and the Zippy Coin Purse.

    2) Go for copper Limelight

    3) Go for perle Limelight
  2. go for option 1. I think limelight is cute but they are huge for clutch.
  3. I'd personally go for the Perle Limelight since it's more versatile, as you said. :yes:
    The other items will be around longer, the Limelight won't.
  4. I have the pearl limelight it was just about the only bag I didn't waitlist for from the fall collection I though it would be ackward to use then I started to see more pics of it and it grew and grew on me until I had to have it. Even when trying to track one down I did think how much will I really use it and considered giving up it was very hard to get a hold of but I did get one and I love it!

    I have used it a lot both with casual and smart outfits I totally recommend it I went for the pearl because my wardrobe includes alot of blacks and reds I thought the copper would clash with red
  5. There's just no other clutch like a limelight :smile: As most of my wardrobe consists of earth/pastel colours, copper works great for me :smile:. It's the perfect sized clutch IMO! It really overturns the tradition of a tiny dainty clutch, which can hardly fit anything in...
  6. I love the perle.......the copper would clash with a lot of colors. Go for it!! If I could use a clutch, I would've bought this baby awhile ago!! It's gorgeous!
  7. I love the limelight! If I were a more girly person, I would get one in perle!!! The other bags will be around for awhile!
  8. Go for it! I love the limelight, it's beautiful! I would go for the copper though :heart:
  9. Thanks everyone for taking the time to give me your feedbacks. More feedbacks are welcomed.

    Lable Addict - I wear a lot of black, white, grey and brown. My everyday jewelry are:

    - Solitaire diamond on a white gold chain
    - Diamond studs set on white gold
    - Solitaire diamond ring and semi-eternity diamond band in platinum

    One more thing, is the material on the limelight durable? Do I have to worry about my nails and rings scratching it???
  10. i'd personally go for #3..i like the perle a bit better than the copper, just cuz it seems like it would go with more stuff.

    wait, i just read your latest i guess if you weare a lot of black,white, grey,brown then the copper would be a better choice, as it would add a splash of color to everything.
  11. p.s. Copper and purple...TDF!

    And as you can see, I'm hardly handling it carefully at all, lol.
  12. OMG Orodruin....That clutch looks AMAZING on you. Thanks for posting the pic. May I ask how tall are you? It looks like the perfect size on you. I am 5'3".

    I want one so badly now. I think both colors are amazing. The Perle is versatile but the Copper is so unique.
  13. I adore the Limelight and I am still debating if I should start the search for one as I think I may regret not getting it!
  14. I'm about 5'7". I don't think that height makes a huge difference, since you've already tried it on for yourself and love it! :biggrin:
  15. GO before it's too late.