Limelight Family Complete!

  1. Picked up my final limelight child now the quads are complete!



    I have to say by far the black is my favorite, the color is AMAZING, shimmery, chocolate beautiful! Just amazing.

    I hope they dont keep coming out with colors because my limelight addiction is getting a little ill!

    I saw the PMs today and they are cute but to small for me. (I am 5'10").

    Also picked up some cute VIC gifts today and a few other goodies. Great day today!!!

  2. wow!!!!!!! they're all gorgeous!!!!!!!
  3. Amazing!!!! and I agree, love the black too!
  4. WOW!! i love all the colors!!
  5. wow all 4 sisters in a row, congrats
  6. OMG, they are so beautiful.....:love:
  7. They're all so incredibly gorgeous! Congrats! Woooo! Limelight Queen! :biggrin:
  8. OMG..:wtf: love all 4 of them..u r so lucky :tup::heart:
  9. Thanks! I am lucky, my DH surprised me and said to buy the gold and black as this week is our it was nice. He knows how much I just love the limelights, he thinks its silly I have four but......he indulges my obsessions so thats good! LOL!
  10. They're amazing! And happy anniversary to you and your DH. :smile:
  11. congrats!!!
  12. Wow! LoVe the black! :yes:
  13. omg omg omg selena they are so beautiful!!

  14. :queen:All hail the Limelight Queen !!!!!!:queen:
    Congrats, Selena, they are a magnificent set !!!!
  15. Congrats, WOW what a STUNNING family. I still love Perle the most :biggrin: The Gold is gorgeous too... :love:

    I also love the Suhali and Mirage next to them ;)