Limelight Clutch & 866

  1. Couple of questions guys

    1. are 866 open on a Sunday what time do they close?
    2. Anybody who has checked recently on the Limelight do you if there are any left and how many?

    thanks guys
  2. the website says there open on sudays 8am til 7pm.
    I jsut tried calling since I had a question about another item and strangly the line been busy.
  3. It was busy when I called around an hour or so ago
  4. Hmm...that's strange.
  5. Something must be wrong with their phone lines beacuse i just tried again and it still busy line
  6. I tried to call 57th street store in NYC today - line's been busy for that too.
  7. Bad enough TPF goes down but LV too? Are they trying to kill us?!
  8. LAbe Addict, I think there's a limelight clutch here and it's in Perle at least. Actually, it should be on display in the UK too, as the scandinavia and UK share the same system (for inventory, not purchase history). At least we can see inventory in UK stores here. Maybe you could have them ship it over. Are you in ENgland or Scotland? (If you want to have it shipped over, I suggest going through an Sa that has a good or at least any relationship with someone at my store, I could PM U).
  9. It's official I hate LV customer services!

    while TPf was down I sent them an email asking if a bag is out of stock in the UK is it possible to order from and european country I got the MOST random reply that didn't answer the question at all with the obligatory call your help line ending.

    So we called they help line they wouldn't say if there are any left in the UK and that I would have to go in person and speak to my local store about it :cursing: that's what I did in the first place!!!!

    My local store says there are some in Copenhagen but they are not allow to transfer this item

    I have used an SA in London before who is great, London are quite crafty with their stock so they may have some that are not showing as available BUT the unhelpline won't connect me to the store "you have to go in person" and I can't find the direct number I had.

    So you could say I'm a little frustrated
  10. ^
    Same problem I had, stores are not co-operative like that always. That's why I suggested talking to a connected sa lol. If they know each other, or the manager of the store that has teh item, I imagine it must be easier to send it. If you f.,ex get the manager to say that a VVIP UK customer wants the clutch I *think* Copenhagen would send it. ;)

    Anyways here's the store number form the site, allthough whenever I try to all a store anywhere they never seem to pick up. =P :

    (+44) 20 7399 4050

    Is that the right number?


  11. I guess I may as well try Copenhagan myself (thanks for the number) it doesn't hurt the worst they can say is no.

    But the SA who said they couldn't transfer to the UK was the Store Manager so there is no-one higher or better connected in my store, I'll have to have a realy good look for the London number too or failing everything send them a snail mail letter LOL you can't stop me Vuitton!!

    so frustrating why do they have to make it so hard
  12. why wont they put you through to the store?
  13. ^ because they are stupid :shrugs:honestly I am done with customer services every time I get off the phone I'm more and more frustrated they never know what your talking about or give you a half assed answer.

    I once called and asked to be put through to a store with regards to a certain bag (don't recall which now) and was told those are only for our VIP customers, they hadn't even asked for my name how did they know I wasn't a VIP customer!

    No seriously they wouldn't put me through because I need to go in, in person oh thanks very helpful
  14. LA, which colour are you looking for? The helpline is quite sticky on LEs, they do not want to reveal the availability and insist you personally visit the store. Try to speak to another helpline personnel, I spoke to a guy b4 in the UK and he was quite informative, he always hummmsss when he puts me on hold. :smile:
  15. I saw a copper limelight at the Dallas, TX Galleria store pretty!! They also had the Mono Griet, Mortard Pochette and the Motard Biker (loved it!).