Lime or RA constance

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Rose azalee or lime c18

  1. Rose azalee

    18 vote(s)
  2. Lime

    47 vote(s)
  1. I’m considering adding another c18 to my collection and have decided on either lime or rose azalee.

    what does everyone think?

    in c18, I already have black, mauve slyvestre, rouge coeur, black, anemone and etoupe.

    I’m slighting leaning towards lime because it’s different but I worry if it’s harder to wear. I would wear mainly with white and jeans. Not sure how versatile it is. I don’t have any RA pieces but I do have other pinks like RJ and RP, including a c24 in RP

  2. I am leaning towards Lime too . I think that you have plenty of pink ( not that one can have enough pink :biggrin:) . And lime would be a fresh addition . I have a joune amber verrou with phw and it is really easy to match with cloths . I can wear it with black , white, brown , maroon , dark green , dark blue .
  3. Lime. You'll enjoy that POP yellow more than u know!!!
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  4. Thanks both! I haven’t seen too many pictures of this and you might remember that I passed on the b25 in lime for the anemone. I feel like this is another chance to experiment with a smaller bag that may be easier to wear!
  5. Lime!!!
  6. I voted for lime also, it’s a great pop color!
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  7. Lime is my favorite color. I have a fleuro yellow Burberry belt that is similar in tone, and that matches everything, and a lime wallet that makes me happy every time I pull it out. It’s a beautiful shade and my favorite hermes color.
  8. Another lime vote here
  9. Lime! Very different from the colors you already have.
  10. Lime! I'm waiting for my podium order of lime KC. A great pop color that will go well with a variety of colors.
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  11. One more for lime!
  12. Another vote for lime!
  13. #13 Mar 28, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2020
    Any reason you’re down to just these two colors? I wouldn’t do RA (even though it’s my fave H pink) because Sylvester is a pretty similar shade. But I also wouldn’t do Lime (have personally turned down a lime c18 twice) because for me it was too bright neon which I think makes it much more seasonal and more likely to look dated in the near future. Perhaps my non-tropical, non-metropolitan lifestyle was also a factor for wearability for me.

    How about a different green since that seems to be a void in your collection? There are so many current great ones...bamboo, cactus, vertigo, Verone, Malachite, or even bosphore!
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  14. Lime! I love this color. I like the older lime color vs the newer but still love lime! It is a punch of color!
  15. My questions for you : "is lime your kind of color?" Yes it's novel to your existing collection but would your reach for a lime bag or would it be underutilized? Are you considering a lime bag because it's available or would you have been on the market for a lime bag?!