Lime green Sienna?

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  1. Did Kooba ever make such a color? The rest of the bag looked really off to me also and the bag was really very shiny and crackly looking. I saw it today when I was at the store. Anyone ever seen one or likely fake? Just curious...
  2. Lime green??

    I think they did the Sienna in a green (at least they did the Marcelle), but shiny? no...
  3. Elizat -

    What store did you see that in? I bought a light green Sienna at Saks Off Fifth in Ft. Lauderdale and returned it to Ellenton. Then I saw it again in Off Fifth in Orlando! I wouldn't call it lime was definitely a light green though. I loved the just didn't match anything I had. The leather was smooth on it...not like the pebbly leather raisin or black Sienna's I've seen. The whip stitching was also cream.

    If this was the purse, it WAS authentic!
  4. ^^^ Not that. Literally, LIME green. It was on a lady at Bath and Body works. Same color lime stitching and the shape looked off, as well as the material. It looked like the "leather" had a tons of clear nail polish on it, as to what I'm saying by shiny!
  5. That sounds gross! I'm sure that wasn't a Kooba! How sad!
  6. ^Nope, it wasn't a Kooba. There have been some early Koobas that have had a crackle finish, but no Siennas have been made like that.

    Like photomj said, her pic of the Moss Sienna is the closest to "lime" that Kooba has produced.
  7. I think you probably saw an older style Kooba. They did have some weird crackly green colors. The bag has a slight Sienna look and is called a Bridget. Or possibly it was a fake Sienna afterall.