Lime green patent shoes?

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  1. Hi Gals! I'm new to the Shoe part of this forum.. I spend alot of time in the Coach forum...

    But anyways, I'm not into brands... of shoes.. so any shoes that is the right color and fit is right for me...

    so with that being said.. i found a cute pair of lime green slingbacks in patent... and i have a dress that would look really cute with them...

    but, can i wear them with dark straight leg jeans..?

    how about brown dress pants too???

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  2. Really pretty :girlsigh:

    Definitely :tup: with dark straight leg jeans. Harder to say with brown trousers - :tup: with dark brown/chocolate, :shrugs: with lighter shades??
  3. oh! The pants are dark chocolate brown...

    And i do wear alot of green. :yes:
  4. Definitely. They'll add a splash of color.
  5. I've been looking for a shoe that exact colour.

    Could you tell me the brand?

  6. What color of dark straight leg??
  7. i'd definitely recommend wearing these with you dark'll make the whole outfit pop. same with dark brown trousers. besides, it looks like it molds to your feet really well, and it's very cute.
  8. awesome! thanks ladies! I bought them last night.. I knew i'd wear them with a green dress i have but i wasnt sure about pants... good info to know! Thanks again!
  9. omg those are absolutely adorable! :tup: