Lima Owners - How do you take care of your bag?

  1. The colour looks light and I'm afraid it'll turn dirty easily. I don't dare myself to put anything on the bag, in case it affects the colour! How do you keep it looking as new as possible?
  2. Sorry...I mean LIMO.
  3. I don't spray anything on it, as advised. Whilst I don't exactly mega baby the Limo, I would ensure it doesnt touch any unknown surface. The side of the weaves would darken slightly with age but to me it just adds character to it. Do send back to BV frequently for conditioning.
  4. I have a limo zippered card case and it really gets handled alot, absolutely no problems yet with dirt at all.
  5. I too haven't used anything on my Limo campana. I use mine everyday and find that it isn't as delicate a color as one would think. While I don't throw it around and spill things on it, I do use it rain or shine, and it has held up very well.
  6. not too lucky with mine. on its first outing, i discovered my limo medium veneta and dark blue jeans should not go together. there is a very light indigo stain on a small part, but i have yet to send it for cleaning.
  7. I have a large veneta in bianco (white) and gosh do I wish it was Limo!
    I can see ms piggy's point about the edges darkening and for the Limo, it adds character. For the Bianco, it just looks like it needs cleaning!