Lily vs cookie lily?

  1. Have you thought about the deer brown Lily in grainy print leather? I recently went to buy an oak Lily, but the SA also brought out the deer brown and it had more of a wow factor for me. It may be a good halfway for you between the oak and cookie, because it has shiny gold hardware so is a little fancier than the oak.

    I'm new here but have bought a couple of mulberries in the last few months based on the info in this forum - so hi everyone!
  2. I like the oak Lily but went for a black one instead. As I was leaving home the cute horseshoe charm got caught on my bracelet and it took ages to get myself 'unhooked'. I thought about removing the whole thing from the bag but I pushed it up inside the leather and it seems ok now. I quite fancy a mini Lily now!
  3. Hi and welcome! Please share your Mulberries :smile:
  4. Thanks :smile: Since this is a Lily thread, here's my lovely Lily which I have only had a few days. It's love! The Lily is such a beautiful bag.

  5. Is this the deer brown? Very pretty! Thanks for the suggestion, will check out when I get a chance!
  6. It is. I think it will stay more structured than the oak too as the leather is more rigid.
  7. Nice! Ugh every time I think about what happened with the cookie lily, I get sooo annoyed! Was such a good price too.. Oh well! On to another lily I guess!
  8. The deer brown looks gorgeous! I can see why you picked this one, instead of the oak! I love her - she's beautiful! And welcome to Mulberry! This forum is addictive!

    I'm so disappointed for you, ncch! I hope one miraculously turns up for you but hopefully another one steals your heart soon :smile:
  9. Thanks Cupcake. It certainly is addictive and has cost me a fair bit so far in convincing me to make my purchases! But they're so worth it :smile:

    I'm sure you'll find the bag for you soon will be worth the wait!
  10. Lily in Cookie, i don't think it would look childish anyway. once you're all dressed up, it will be fine :smile:
  11. I didn't like the Cookie when it first came out at all but as so often with Mulberry bags it has grown on me

    I think I will be adding one to my collection at some point

    I saw loads in the sale and passed them all over, now of course I regret it and wished I had bought one at a sensible price:graucho:
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    Thanks everyone! Im the same - didnt like it when i first saw it but now i think its cute! now I'm debating whether or not I should get the cookie sbs since im not really loving the lily with tassels for next season. (but i guess that might change as did with cookie). What do you ladies think? I really do need some sort of cross body function in my next bag but does this bag look funny that way?
  13. Hi ncch! It depends on how much space you need it for. That sbs is heaps bigger than the lily but it's got all the cuteness factor of a cookie! :love:
  14. I have Lily in black and love it. Recommended!
  15. I'm not completely sold on the Cookie. I just keep wondering what that scalloped edge going to look like in 10 years.

    LOVE your Lily Miss Mulb!