Lily Satchel....going....going

  1. Hi All,

    Today I called my boutique to order a whiskey Lily satchel from JAX (my local store doesn't carry) and the SA told me there are only 40 Lily satchels left. has a September date listed for availability of the Lily in black. I know many of you are saving for this gorgeous bag...just wanted to give you the inventory update.
  2. Many stores still have the Lily in their inventory. Those will not show up under the number left in JAX. For instance, JAX says there are no more in Atlantic, but the store I work for has one.
  3. allison, I love your avatar! My husband and I are huge Tool fans!!! We've seen them 5 times in concert!
  4. Yeah, I called them today too and she said they had 3 dozen of them.

    Thank goodness I'm going in to finally place my order tomorrow night!
  5. So are you ordering it in the Whiskey?
  6. Yeah. It's the one I originally wanted. If I could have seen the atlantic in person and liked it, I may have ordered that, but I know I'll love the whiskey. :smile:
  7. *green with envy* :drool::greengrin:
  8. I know whatcha ya mean -I so love the atlantic color, but I'm not for sure if I can justify paying that much for a bag that I probably couldn't use too often(Not as versatile as black and whiskey to go with the wardrobe) -The whiskey looks gorgeous too and probably a better choice-It was in the US weekly this week shown in whiskey as the Fall It bag-I was seriously considering purchasing this bag during the next PCE so I hope they have them available still at that time-Please Post pics please when you receive it

  9. Ohhh! Lucky girl!! Did you decide to return Miranda? Please post pics when you get your Lily!!!

    I really want one now too, especially since seeing the pics in usWeekly, but I will have to wait for the smaller one to come out next year (maybe...).

    Love the whiskey on this bag! Good choice, I think the blue is too trendy and the whiskey is a color you could use for years to come!
  10. Wow! I've been eyeing that bag for months, but it looks too big for me to carry around everyday. Let us know how amazing the bag truly is! I am saving for the mini Lily. Congrats!
  11. I'm looking forward to the mini Lily also. I don't have enough stuff for the big one and I feel silly carrying a near empty bag. Though it does have weapon potential, swung with the right arc. :p
  12. *L* It's painful though. I couldn't spend much "new money" on it, so I'm having to return two unused Coach purses that I love, and around 4 accessories. I'm almost afraid to go in because I know it's going to take a while and I feel bad making someone do all that return processing. But it was the only way that I could afford the bag.
  13. I will definitely post pictures. :smile: I don't think the boutique I'm going to will have it, so they'll probably have to order it for me. But when it gets here I will.

    I wanted to wait for PCE too, but I just couldn't chance it not being around for it. I know I will kick myself HARD if I miss out on it.
  14. Thanks! And actually no, I still get to keep Miranda! I'm returning a Soho leather large satchel (which I love SO much, but am hoping I'll be able to re-buy later since JAX said they have 4 dozen of it left and it wasn't a super popular bag), and my turquoise large ergo hobo. I don't want to return either bag, but I want the Lily more than I do those two. Hopefully I'll be able to re-buy the ergo on eBay later too. So Miranda stays with meeeeeeeeee. *yay!*

    I agree with whiskey being the best choice. For some reason that vintage-y color seems to really go with this bag. Black didn't seem right to me, and Atlantic is a gorgeous color, but I don't know if it really goes with this bag either.

    Hopefully they'll release some other bags in Atlantic later though, because it's such a pretty color!
  15. she said there are 3 dozen of them in one store ?

    which store did u call ?