Lily question

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  1. I'm considering buying my first Lily (regular size). I will mostly wear it crossbody but can the strap easily double up so I can wear it as a shoulder bag as well?

    Thank you
  2. I carry my regular Lily (in fact I just had my black one out last night) on my shoulder with the strap doubled up - it is easy to double up.

    I don’t/can’t actually wear my Lily crossbody because I’m tall and the strap isn’t quite long enough, I don’t like where the bag sits on me.
  3. Yes, you can indeed double up the chains to make it a shoulder bag. Very ladylike worn that way in my opinion. Ive got the same issue as Wordsworth when i've tried them in store and i'm just not sure whether to bite the bullet!
  4. The Lily isn't a cross body bag, unfortunately.
  5. The regural Lily is definitely a crossbody bag for me, but I’m quite short (162 cm). Actually I wear them always crossbody! [emoji4] Medium Lilies can be used crossbody too, but I prefer the look on the shoulder with them.
  6. One of the reasons why I like the Lily is its versatility - you can wear one strap on the shoulder, cross body or double up the strap to wear on the shoulder. It can be used as a day to day bag or something dressier for an evening out!
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  7. I use mine both as a crossbody bag and doubled up on the shoulder :smile: sometimes also singled on the shoulder.
  8. I have the Lily in black. Yes, the chain can be doubled up. Whether it can work crossbody, that would depend on your height. It works for me because I am 5”.
  9. I'm obvs too tall, and quite possibly too fat. :cool:
  10. I’m 5 feet 8 inches and I wear my medium Lily bags crossbody at times. I like that they can be worn three ways. I wear them double strap the least times.
  11. But you have a lovely sense of humour and a great dog!
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  12. This is exactly why I love the Lily too-I also wear it all ways, although I am only 5ft so I find the crossbody or double straps on shoulder most comfortable. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Lily!
  13. I love to wear my Lily with the strap doubled and over the shoulder. She’s in classic oak and looks dressier worm that way. However, it’s great to lengthen the strap and wear crossbody for, say, returning home by bus after a night out! I’m 5’3 so she fits well like that.
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