Lily Pulitzer

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  1. I'm wondering if any of you ladies are a fan of Lily Pultizer? I just adore her!

    But I feel like you either hate or love it.

    I bet some of your Southern ladies live in Lily during the summer.

    Cute dresses:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Those dresses are adorable.. but the pants with the flamingos all over it??? Come on!!! Looks like something an old lady from Palm Beach would wear.
  3. Whoops! LiLLy. Two L's, sorry, my best friend's name is Lily so that's how I spell it.
  4. eck. I live in a town where everyone lives in i like to be different!!!

    Just a bit worn out to me!
  5. I like her track suits :biggrin: They are soooo comfortable!
  6. I've been crazy about Lilly Pulitzer clothes for the last 35 years, at least. I still have some of the skirts and skorts I wore in middle school and high school. And I can't tell you how much I missed the line in the late 80s and early 90s.

    I am still holding out hope for a daughter so we can wear mother/daughter outfits. My mother and I did that a few times in the 70s and thought it was lots of fun. Unfortunately, the company has discontinued their line for boys. Luckily, I bought a ton ahead on final sale, and my three year old son has a huge wardrobe of Lilly swim shorts to look forward to until he's 8 or so!

    By the way, my favorite Lilly dresses have always been the white-on-white ones.
  7. Those dresses are so cute! I really like the white one.
  8. Those dresses are so fab.
  9. Fun and whimsy! I couldn't pull off the Ladies wear but my DD can definitely pull off the girls' wear!
    My shoipping area is getting one in 2 months!
  10. I've never heard of her before but those dresses are so beautiful! I'll check where I can buy them within EU. Thanks, Intl.
  11. I'm a southern lady and I am not a fan. However, I love the second one you posted!
  12. i really like these- me!
  13. oh lily....Where I live (key west) ol lily is looked upon as somewhat yuppy and pretentious (sp?) anyway how I LOVE her! We have a wonderful shop here and I love going in and snatching up all the dresses! I'm not loving the first one you posted but the other 2 ....sometimes they are terribly yuppy...and ofcourse most people here know that but they last forever. I have one from last year that has little bees all over it and the damn thing glows in the dark.....I have never worn it! i just like to see it light up in my closet when the lights are off....okay...I think I still have a buzz of the lovely merlot I was drinking last night!! But a big HOORAH for LILY!:love:
  14. Wow I'd love that white dress!!
  15. ahh, you know us southerners well, intlset. i :heart: lilly, usually. some of the stuff is a little over the top, but those dresses are great. i love the shape of the first one.