Lily owners!

  1. Can you ladies that have a Lily let me know how you're liking her? I'm trying to convince myself I don't need one with my PCE coupon but ugh, it's hard.
    Are you using her very often? Does she make your arm go numb :p Any other thoughts- pros or cons! Whiskey is available online again and that's the one I really want.
    Anyone else planning on getting one?
  2. Yep!!! See my thread called 'Couldn't be more confused right now!!! Please vote!!! '.

    I totally feel your pain!!!
  3. I got one, and promptly returned it. No slouch whatsoever. Looked like a big rectangle. I put my stuff in it, and still nothing. It looks gorgeous in the picture, but definitely check out IRL first.
  4. I have a couple of Lilys and I love them (Atlantic & Whiskey). I don't carry alot, so I'm not adding to her natural weight. I love the slouch, the leather is soft so they slouch naturally when buckled in the second opening.

    Each of us is different, so try it for yourself to make your own assessment!
  5. I have a Lily in Atlantic and I really love it; the color is more "mellow" than it looks on Coach online, but still a bright rich color. The leather is soft enough, so the bag does slouch when you have it fastened on the middle hole -- so are the different colored leathers a bit different in hardness since I've heard many different things about its slouchiness (if that's a word :p). Yes, it's heavy compared to my other coach bags, but not heavier than my old Coach briefcase and my Marc Jacobs (classic) bags. For me, it's a practical work bag because it has enough pockets to keep me organized: I can separate my laptop from my other things in one zippered compartment, make-up pouch etc. in the other, can keep my wallet in the outside zipper compartment, my i-pod in the open pocket, and the coin purse is a good place for me to keep my train pass. It's large, but doesn't feel too large for me (about 5'6") and the strap does go over my shoulder with a light jacket, but probably won't with a winter coat.

    So, I guess you have to see it in person to know if you'll like it or not - assess it's slouchiness, heaviness, and size. I didn't see mine in person (found it on Coach online search for stores with it in stock), but luckily I liked it.
  6. I have Lily in black and LOVE her. It's such a distinctive bad and I like the fact that you don't see them coming and going if you know what I mean! A few weeks ago we were in the Berkshires and I persuded my husband to stop at the Lee outlets so I could get a replacement for the monkey fob and my Lily was the hit of the store - all the SAs were coming up to see her - it was kinda funny. Mine is well broken in now and slouches perfectly. Not sure what color you wanted - looks like only whiskey is available online; maybe JAX can advise when black will back in stock. But, if you want one PCE is definitely the time to get it! :tup:
  7. Yeah I think it looks lovely when you put it on the second buckle. Man how I want her *drool*
  8. that's what I did too, and no slouch at all. Definitely try it in person first.