Lily owners... need advice!!! XL or Medium and why?

  1. Thanks to all of your beautiful posts, i've decided to get a Lily. :love::love::love:

    However, I can't decide what size. Sooo, I ordered BOTH the XL and Medium Lily in Black! They should arrive early next week, but I can only keep ONE. While i'm waiting, I would appreciate practical feedback on how it is to actually carry the Lilies, XL or M. I'm worried the XL is too big, but the M won't fit on my shoulder. Do they really fit/stay on your shoulder? (for reference, i'm 5'8", size L). Are they heavy? Is the XL top strap a pain or just really cool? Are the pockets usable? Is the M too boxy? Does the XL lose it's shape? :confused1: or anything like that based on your experience...

    THANKS in advance for your input!!! I'll put up photos to compare once they come in.
  2. I own the XL in whiskey and Medium in black. The XL is big, but as a lover of big bags, that's not what made me want the Medium. The XL is simply just too cumbersome for me. It's hard to get into, and even after having all my stuff in it, it was still not filled up! I love the whiskey color, but I wanted something easier to manage. And the XL looked great sitting on the table, but when I picked it up to wear it, I felt like it totally lost it's shape and just looked weird...

    So I went with the medium and haven't looked back! (in fact XL will be going on eBay...I keep saying that, but I really do need to sell her). I'm able to fill up the medium and still have room to spare. I don't find her all that boxy, she's got a bit of a slouch to her. I'm also 5'8 and can wear her comfortably over my shoulder. The medium to me is just the perfect size Lily...I would not want it any smaller or larger! The turnlock strap on the medium is much more to my liking, as it doesn't go all the way over the top of the bag (although I have an '06 legacy satchel and the strap goes over the top, but with this bag it doesn't bother me...not sure why that is). I used all of the pockets on the XL except I never really used the little coin purse in the back, and that's really the only thing that is missing on the Medium Lily, other than the strap doesn't go over the top, and the medium doesn't have the metal hang tag. Which was also another thing that kind of annoyed me because the metal hangtag and metal coin always clanged together. The medium has a leather hang tag so the coin and hang tag don't clank.

    Phew, that was probably more info than you wanted! I hope it helped!! Can't wait to see which one you decide to keep!
  3. I had a Lily XL that I just returned yesterday. After a few weeks of deciding, I came to the conclusion that while she was gorgeous, she just looked too big and "luggage-like" on my arm. (although I'm a smaller girl) I posted some modeling pics on here last week and most girls agreed, she looked too big on me.
    I exchanged the XL for a medium, which hasnt arrived yet, and I have not yet seen in person. But I think i'll be much happier with the size. Its still basically the same "look" but much more manageable.
    Whatever you choose, rest assured it will be a stunning bag!
  4. Okay, you said a size large so since I am a XL I will jump in concerning the size.

    For me, the medium is strictly an elbow or hand bag. It does not fit comfortably on my shoulder unless I have on a VERY thin shirt and then it is not that comfortable!

    The XL is a little cumbersome to get in and out of as someone else already said, in my opinion because of the bucklet that comes OVER the bag, instead of the buckle in front of the bag as on the medium.

    I agree with Ellacoach since I have never used the coin purse either. In my opinion you will likely return the XL since the size difference isn't worth the $430 price increase over the medium. The metal hangtag on the XL is REALLY annoying when it clanks.
  5. I'm 5' 5" and a size M and while the Medium Lily can fit on my shoulder it's a stretch. It's definitely not a comfortable fit and does NOT fit on my shoulder with a winter coat.
  6. Im 5ft4 a size large. I have the XL Lily in Walnut and the Medium Lily in Black. In my opinion I think the XL is much better than the medium. It just makes more of a statement than the Meduim. One thing i dislike is the black legacy leather. Its too dull to me. Therefore I'll be exchanging my medium for camel or the new platnium thats coming!
  7. I have the XL Lily and I love it. I love all of the details including the change purse on the back - that I use. That way I don't have to enter my bag just for change!

    I also LOVE the turnlock strap and it is not cumbersome for me. I leave one zippered section unzipped, with the strap closed, and no one even knows that it's unzipped. I'm able to put my hand in and take out what I need, since I know what is in each zippered section. Additionally, I love how the turnlock strap gives the XL a slouchy shape so it does not look boxy.

    I carry my Lily on my arm or in my hand. I use other bags as a shoulder style.

    When you get yours, put your things into each style and carry them around the house to see which is more to your liking. They are both beautiful bags and I don't think you can go wrong with either style. It's simply a matter of personal preference, but the XL is smokin'!!!
  8. I agree with this. However, I think my XL whiskey looks a little "dry" as well.
  9. Thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments! I am considering a Lily too so its is really nice to see everyone's opinions!
  10. I agree with all of the above. Now, she is perhaps a little biased towards the XL since she owns 3!!! (Just kidding!)

    Although the buckle is a little irratating, it is a GREAT look. She is right, no matter what we tell you they will BOTH be in your home soon and you can make your choice then. This is a much better idea than buying them cold turkey.

    $$$ wise, the medium is almost 40% less than the XL but not 40% smaller or with 40% less features. I think the Medium is a good deal, but personally I would choose the XL if the cost isn't a factor. Shame there is no PCE right now.
  11. THANK YOU everyone, for the great comments! This is exactly what I was hoping for. Lots of practical and not-so-practical things to think about. I cant wait for them to get here. While I never want to pay more, cost won't be the deciding factor. I really wish there was a PCE event going on, but i'm afraid to wait (the whiskey one's are already sold out) and I really want Black. Sounds like I can't go wrong either way!

    Please keep the ideas coming! All of you are sooo helpful! :tup:
  12. Wander , if it makes you feel any better I didn't get my Lily(large) with PCE either!:sad:
    But that's ok, I wouldn't part with her!:heart:
  13. I didn't either, but she is one I was willing to pay full price. Let's see if I feel the same about the Carmel one coming Thursday. I am currently stalking (I meant tracking) her on
  14. I am waiting on my Medium Lily to show up soon. I am really wanting an XL one but I'm hoping JAX will get some in soon so I can get it through Coach. I do hope the Medium works for me and makes me happy so I don't have to go after the XL. Plus I have no idea when they will get any other color than black in and I don't want another black bag.
  15. I didn't think I wanted another black bag either but wanted this bag so much I went with it...and I didn't want to wait for the camel to come in stock...and I have to say I love the black with the brass hardware! I love the color much more than I thought I would!