Lily owner tips wanted

  1. Hello,

    I just treated myself to a lovely Black Glossy Goat regular Lily with soft gold hardware for a new job present. It’s going to be my go to bag on weekends and perfect for the commute to work when I leave my laptop in the office. I’ve bought hardware protectors but otherwise don’t know where to start to keep her looking beautiful.

    Being fairly new to the mulberry scene and being my first Lily I’m keen to get any tips from you lovely experienced ladies (and men!).

    How do you look after your Lily?

    Here she is! (Sorry about the packaging still)

  2. Congrats!!
    Your bag is beautiful :flowers:
    I would apply Collonil gel and spray from time to time and that would be it ;)
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  3. She is a beau! Congrats!
    I have 2, thanks to our all-year-round summer climate i don't need to protect them from the rain/water, i just store them in their dustbags and take normal precautions when i carry them :smile:
    Enjoy!! :flowers:
  4. Congratulations on the new job and that gorgeous Lily!
    I know quite a few people like the hardware protectors, and also keep the original plastic on after purchasing a new bag.
    However - I've been told by my Mulberry SA to remove the plastic as soon as I start using a bag, as leaving it on may actually damage the metal in the long run rather than protecting it!
    Now, I didn't ask specifically about the protectors you buy, but I would assume the same would be true for those as well.
    Just a word of warning :flowers: Enjoy your new bag!

  5. Glossy goat is my favourite Mulberry leather - durable without being heavy, and looks fab!

    I would treat it with Collonil spray or gel to waterproof at the beginning... and apply a cream or the Collonil gel whenever you think it needs a bit of moisturising. In my experience dark glossy goat leather doesn’t need much waterproofing, but it using a cream rather than Collonil gel (which moisturises and protects) you can add a light coat of Waterstop spray afterwards.

    Gorgeous bag - enjoy!
  6. Simply treat with collonil spray and use the cream to keep moisturised. My black lily is an old girl now at 6 years old and still looks great even with heavy use. She can be used casually and for dressy occasions and is the best little bag!
  7. following as I am considering the same exact bag. congrats on your new job and purchase OP!
  8. :shocked::hrmm:
    I have kept the original protectors on successfully (not for too long, though) BUT a friend of mine had a minor disaster with the original protector leaving glue on the front plate! So I second on being cautious as it can be tricky (or impossible) to remove and imo worse than the scratching :shocked:
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  9. What kind of hardware protectors did your buy? The lock on my new Lily has already started to loose colour.. only had it for 6 weeks.
  10. What hardware protectors did you buy? Getting my first lily and wondering how I can care for the brass hardware
  11. Please read through the thread; hardware protectors can cause more harm than good :sad:
    Congrats on your Lily - it really is a great bag!
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  12. No leather protection is required. All these companies must be laughing up their sleeves.

    As for hardware protection - I left them on my lock and now the protection is off it's like a layer of the plate has lifted. I'd say live with a few minor scratches rather than that type of damage.
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  13. Not sure about protection but I just received a lily that I bought pre-owned. The lady who sold it to me never cleaned or conditioned. I get it and the first thing I do it to use a leather cleaner and apply collonil conditioner..... wow what a difference. The bag is soft and shinny. Looks like a totally different bag
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  14. Following as I be just bought same bag!
    Congratulations on new job and Bag.

    I was wondering, does anyone use liners??? As I have seen a few snagging bottoms on the preloved market.

  15. That is a great question? I just got mine as well and as I see pictures of the almost empty bags, and I want to make sure mine stay at least full. The sagged look is not a good look. It ages the bag a lot amd it looks awful