Lily or Darley for evening bag?

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  1. Hi all,

    I’d love some advice and help. I’m looking to buy an evening bag since all my other bags are large totes or backpacks. I was looking at either:

    - regular lily in black with gold hardware
    - large darley cosmetic pouch (carried as clutch)
    - small darley in black

    I’m having trouble deciding because while I like the idea of using the darley cosmetic pouch as a clutch, I also ideally would like to have the option of a chain. On the other hand, if I get the lily, would it be dressy enough for say, a wedding, if I tucked in the chain and carried it clutch style? Of the three, the darley is my least favorite option as I feel the small doesn’t fit as much as I would like — I love the larger size but its too large for evening, I think.

    Sorry for the long post — I haven’t made a mulberry purchase in a while and would really appreciate some help!
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  2. I think a lily is s sure bet for every evening or going out need I have used mine for day to day use weddings going to the cinema out for a meal I don’t think you can really go far wrong with them in look my only annoyance isn’t the chain digs in your shoulder once the bag has things in it so I try and put something between it and my skin
  3. hihi
    new here to the forum but big big big mulberry fan.
    definitely the Lily for evening especially if you can get your hands on the croc embossed ones, they instantly look much more classy and expensive than the usual leather types.
    there is something about the darley which just makes it look very office-ish, teenager-ish, i can't place it.

    hope my advice helped!
  4. I would go with lily in black with gold hardware. I have used that bag for weddings, conference dinners as well as day trips during holidays and knocking about at the cinema. I have owned mine since 2011 and after heavy use she needed some TLC. Sent her for repairs at Shepton Mallet this year and got chains replaced, new postman’s lock and inking repaired. They also gave me a new dustbag and she looks brand new. I expect another 7 years of heavy use. This has been my most used and versatile mulberry and I would definitely recommend.
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  5. I have the blush quilted small Darley which I purchased for a wedding. It's gorgeous but the reality is it's a little small. The Lily would be a far more useful option. I was just blinded by the quilting! :nuts:
  6. Lily! Fab combination of classic elegance and practicality :tup:
  7. In my opinion the Lily is the better choice, is got a fair bit of space. can be worn crossbody, in the crook of the arm, or on the shoulder at two different lengths. It can be used as a day or evening bag. It's more versatile.
  8. A lot of praise for the Lily, haha, I much prefer the Darley and have it in three diff types. :P
    The small one looks so cute and elegant! Even the (now discontinued?) large one combines utility with elegance, I would have no problem using it for evening. :love: IIRC the Lily has more of a softer structure while the Darley is characteristically structured?

    I'm sure OP has already decided by now but I couldn't resist voicing my adoration for Darley. :blush:

    (The Lily, however, is gorgeous and iconic - I just never felt compelled to own one.)
  9. I love the Lily - it is such a classic bag and may be my next Mulberry purchase. The Darley is nice too and it looks more structured, which some people would prefer. I would recommend trying some in the store to see which one you would like! :smile: