Lily or Chanel WOC

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  1. I've been lusting after a Chanel WOC for some time but have real concerns it's too small. I have other sized Chanels but like the idea of this smaller less formal bag. However I've seen a few Lily's in the sale (oxblood metallic or steel blue). They're cheaper n appear to hold much more. Which one should I go for ?? Please help as I'm so torn :confused1::smile:
  2. What do you need to carry in the WOC?
  3. I own both. Think about what you need to carry that is critical for you and whether you can fit all of that in a WOC. I tend to use it as an evening bag or an accessory bag in a much larger tote. Otherwise, it is too small to be my daily bag though it does fit a surprising amount: cards, keys, lipstick, phone, cash all fit. My sunglasses do not fit.

    The regular Lily fits quite a bit and I can use it as an all day bag. My sunglasses fit fine. My LV zippy compact wallet fits beautifully so no need to downsize my daily wallet. Also, for the price of one Chanel WOC you could probably buy 3 Lily's in the sale lol.
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  4. I would go with lily. Had a Chanel mini and it was just too small to be useful. However with lily I could use as a small day bag as well as an evening bag for more formal events.
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  5. You say you have been lusting after a Chanel, is a lily going to really scratch your itch? I have woc and I'm a lily fan too. I think woc is lovely for evenings out when you just need a few things. The chain is longer so IMO works better than regular lily crossbody. It's also lighter (because it fits less!) However you can get more in a reg lily and I think it works as well as a day bag as it does in the evening. I think it's the more versatile of the two. It's an expensive mistake if you go for the wrong one, can you go and have a try on anywhere?
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  6. I've tried both on. I love the WOC but am not sure it's practical and so will be an expensive itch if I don't use it because it's too small. Conversely if I get the Lily will I just end up getting the WOC in any event ??
  7. I've decided I'm going to go for a Lily in the sale and save a lot of money which I'll either put towards something else I really want. Thanks to all who replied esp those with both bags. Has made me realise the WOC is too small for my needs. Thank you! :smile:
  8. I sold my Chanel WOC because it was just too small. My vote is for the lily. Good luck deciding!
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