Lily of the Valley perfume?

  1. Anyone know of a perfume has this as the main note? Someone mentioned there is some obscure French perfume call Lily of the Valley... would love to know where to find it. Thanks!
  2. I've never seen what you are speaking of, but I have seen Lily of the Valley body spray and I think- perfume- but not French- at of all places- TJ Maxx. It smells exactly the same! They also have shower gel, lotion, etc. It is in really whimsical packaging w/ tassels, in boxes w/ fairies on it.

    Also, Crabtree and Evelyn makes a perfume. Theirs smells authentic too- I've bought my mom shower gel and the perfume b/c she loves lily of the valley.
  3. Guerlain makes a lovely one. Not really obscure, but it is French.
  4. Thanks for the comments! Definitely gonna check out the Crabtree Evelyn one. What is the Guerlain one called?
  5. The Guerlain is called Muguet. I understand it comes out in an annual limited edition each April or May. I want to try it, too, but can't find it.

    Also, Diorissimo by Dior is supposed to be a lovely LotV.
  6. Did you try looking at Caswell-Massey? They have a lily of the valley fragrance.
  7. My mom wears Muguet and aside from her wearing WAY WAY too much of it, it's pretty close to scent of LotV flowers.