Lily Mini or Bayswater Clutch??

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  1. Im looking for some experience with the Lily Mini and the Bayswater clutch - I like both and i'm after one or other as an evening / wedding bag - love the metallic in each!

    I need to fit in my phone, key and purse.. with the bay I wont need a purse so thats a plus already :biggrin:

    any thoughts / opinions???


  2. The mini Lily is very small - I couldn't fit in my phone (Samsung S7) - it might be big enough for an iphone 5 though. It does have credit card slots inside the bag, so I would leave the purse at home and just take cards and cash.

    I think the bayswater clutch has credit card slots inside the bag as well, so I'd just take the cards and cash I'd need for the day.

    Personally, I'd go for the Bayswater clutch, just because the mini lily is too small for my phone.
  3. I agree with princesspig-I have both and the Bayswater clutch is much more versatile. The regular IPhone 6 only fits in mini lily diagonally, and just barely at that.
  4. +1
    Mulb sa said that red embossed croc mini lily(Feb 2016) was larger.
    And they were considering new phone size, changing bag.
    Not sure if still true, with coca.

    For me, bays clutch wallet.
    Same phone issue.
    Plus doubles as clutch/chain bag, unlike mini lily.
  5. I have two bayswater clutch's and I love them! Fit my Samsung note 4, lv cles if I need it and a face powder.

    Sold my mini lily as my phone wouldn't fit in it so I'd never use it.
  6. Ive just bought the mini lily for a wedding next week. I was stood at the mulberry stand for ages trying to pick between the clutch and lily. They both have a chain and the postmans lock which I wanted and both in metallic mushroom. Yep the clutch will hold more but I preferred the look of the lily, it's so cute. In the end I went for the lily. My phone fits in fine (Iphone se, same size as iPhone 5, in my mulb case) and I can get a small coin purse in and still room for lippy and house key. I'd only ever use it on a night out so that's all I'll need. Hubby coming to wedding so he'll have money etc in pockets too. It also has the card slots for my bank card and hotel room key.
    I love it and I think I would have regretted it if I got the clutch as I did like the lily more. Each to their own though, it seems I'm in the minority xx
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  7. thanks for the input ladies :smile:

    sounds like they'd both suit me.. ive an iphone 5 so it'll fit in both! guess i'll have to see if our closest mulberry retailer has both to compare.. though I've only seen the lily mini on their website!
  8. I have both and I agree that the bays clutch wallet is more versatile and fits more. I did love having my mini Lily with me on a recent trip though. It fits just the essential cards, a lipstick, some cash, my passport and phone. I never felt weighed down.
  9. I just purchased the metallic mushroom clutch wallet and I love it! I went to the store to check out the lily and mini lily. It seems like the clutch wallet is a good compromise between the two.
  10. I don't have a mini Lily but absolutely love my Bays clutch. It can look both casual and dressy so the versatility is definitely there. You can also shorten the chain in many ways so I calculated there's at least 5 different ways you can wear it.

    Has anyone seen the new continental clutch in person? I'm debating whether to get a black Bays clutch or the new continental next.
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