Lily Leather Satchel in Whiskey

  1. photo attached
    Coach Lily - Whiskey.jpg
  2. Maybe call JAX (800# on Coach website) to see what's available?
  3. They are not available anymore. I am about to return my walnut Lily satchel, a very similar color. She's beautiful but just a little too big for me. I'd love to give you mine, I want her to go to a loving owner!
  4. I would love to take that walnut Lily off your hands!;) I ordered the whiskey but ended up returning it because of little black dots all over the bag. I think the walnut color is so pretty, I have never seen it in person but I love the pictures I've seen!
  5. When I got mine at the end of Oct. it was one in 10 remaining.
  6. fluffy614 & everyone else -

    When I heard that the Lily Satchel was available in Walnut, I immediately thought of the color Walnut, like the Bleecker Elisa Duffle, a very dark chocolate brown.

    So I ordered her but had to return her because the color was very similar to my Whiskey. It's a very pretty color, but I was hoping for a dark brown.

    However, it is a great color choice if you missed out on the Whiskey Lily!!! IMO

    Anyway, I took pics before I did the return. Here they are for a comparison. Whiskey on the left & Walnut on the right:
  7. I sent you a PM, if you're serious!
  8. coachgrl, you are right, they are very close in color. I wouldn't have even known that was walnut!
    Rachelsea, sorry but we're not allowed to sell here!
  9. That walnut color is Beautiful!!!! :drool:
  10. I guess I got hit to Coach too late...:crybaby: Maybe one day I'll walk into a boutique and one will randomly be there...

    I see a Camel Medium Lily Leather Satchel in the catalogue but it isn't online... Is that gone too or not out yet???:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  11. I'm thrilled to know that the colors are so close, I waited too late to get the whiskey and would love to have it in a brown color.
  12. sep, you can still get the camel. Call a boutique to order for you or call JAX directly.:yes:
  13. The medium lily hasn't been officially released yet but can be ordered. I seriously have my eye on that bag! There are some of the larger lilys at some department stores. I've seen it at a Macy's here in Atlanta. I think the black and walnut will both be available some time this year.
  14. Now I'm doing the happy ance again!:happydance: Thanks!!