Lily in whitch colour?

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  1. I have decided to buy a Lily in small but I can´t decide in what colour, black or in oak? maybe the black one will be more verastile, but the oak seems to be nice to. What do you think?
  2. I have both of these bags, I only use the black one for evenings out, I'm quite casual generally so I find it a bit dressy for the day personally. The oak I love, it feels like a nice day bag, I don't tend to carry a lot. I think it depends on your style and how much you hope to use it. For a day to day bag I would go oak, for a smarter bag I would go black.
  3. Buy the one you like the most. If oak jumps out out at you buy it. You can always buy a black one later or visa versa.
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  4. My black lily with gold hardware is my most used lily. Get the bag that works best with your outfits!
  5. I was in the Mulberry shop today and saw Lily in oxblood in the old lether and get in love. I didn´t bougth it though, but I can´t get it out from my mind. Do you think the oxblod is a good and versatile bag? Can the colour fade?
  6. Hi,

    No I don’t think it will fade. It’s a lovely classic colour
  7. I associate oxblood to fall season.
  8. I Decided to buy a small Lily but I can´t decide in whitch colour. Black, Oak or Oxblood?
  9. Hi!
    I love the Lily-gorgeous bag!
    All are good versatile colours, but slightly different I think. The black can come with either silver or gold hardware if that interests you? (it was a deciding factor for me when making a decision on colour of Lily!) I believe the black is also glossy goat, and the oak and the oxblood are different materials too. Oak is the natural leather but the oxblood is natural grain (new leather), although you might be able to get the oxblood in natural leather still. Obviously I am assuming you are buying new not preloved, which might alter your decision too!

    Otherwise, what colour would you wear most? The black and oxblood are maybe more dressy, whereas the oak more casual, but I personally think you could wear all for most occasions!

    Sorry, more of a stream of thoughts rather than an actual answer! I hope someone more decisive than me will be along soon to help!
  10. Agree it depends on which colour in lily suits your wardrobe. I get the most use from my black lilies.
  11. I use oxblood all year round.
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  12. If it is your first mulberry lily, definitely go for the black, easier to match. also since it comes with both silver and gold hardware, choose properly as some people are just not suitable for silver/gold etc.
    oxblood, i owned the oxblood lily and i just couldn't use it, somehow the color, not sure why.
    oak, it's definitely much more casual than the black being brown in color.

    end of the day, your choice. all mulberry bags are gorgeous!
  13. I have both oak and black lily medium bags and I wear them according to my outfit. I concur with those who suggest getting the color that best suits your wardrobe.
  14. I'm with CP and think Oxblood is an all year round colour and a lovely change from black or oak. If it goes well with your wardrobe go for it. I don't have mine anymore but wore it more than any black or oak bag and found it looked great with light shades in summer.