Lily in Walnut, how did we miss that?

  1. Hi Ladies-

    I must say my Coach IQ was fairly high before joining TPF, but since I have gotten information much faster than I would have, like the November PCE, the extension of Dec PCE and the fact that the Lily was coming out in a medium size, thus increasing my collective Coach IQ.

    However, with ALL of us, how did we miss the Lily in a new color? What other interesting tidbits have we missed?

    So in case you missed Mysty's posting, there are only 8 Regular Size Lily's in Walnut if you are interested.
  2. I have no idea but we've missed other colors that we would have died for too like our recent discussion in the 'pink' thread started by ranskimmie. There are stock photos for the legacy 06 rose items for bags that never existed but some of them were made and we missed them! How'd we do that? I don't know why Coach has items in it's inventory that they seem to keep 'secret'. You'd think they'd want us all to know about them so we'd buy them up! Well, obviously they do sell though because there are no rose legacy items left in JAX and only 8 walnut Lilys. Grrr!
  3. I heard that the Lily will be made in pond for the year 2008 today.
  4. Is that the mini also? and i wonder if they changed the color of pond from 06 like they did with rose?
  5. I bought the the Lily in Walnut, thinking that it would be similar to the 'Walnut Elisa', however, it is Brown. Just a deeper shade of Whiskey, remember the 'Brown Ali & Brown Legacy Satchel'? It's that brown. I wasn't impressed since I have the Whiskey Lily, so I returned it.

    However, if you were interested in the Whiskey Lily and missed the opportunity to buy one, then the Walnut Lily would be a great choice, IMO!
  6. The Elisa has a shimmer, right?

    I am not sure I would buy a bag that big if it wasn't one of my staple colors (tan or black). The atlantic was pretty, but I don't do much blue.

    Liz mentioned they are suppose to release the Lily in Pond, I wonder what other colors might be around the corner!
  7. If only the Lily wasn't so expensive, I'd be all over the walnut color. I like deep, dark shades on my bags.

  8. The Lily is being released in Citron as well.
  9. Yes, the Elisa does have a bit of shimmer, and it's made from Burnished leather. While the Lily is made from Vintage leather.

    I think the Lily would have been gorgeous in that deep dark chocolate brown shade!!! That's what I was hoping for...
  10. Considering how much Citron hit the outlets & so early after release, I'm surprised by this choice.
  11. What color is citron?
  12. The citron Leigh I saw in the outlet a few months ago, was more of a lime greenish color. It did not appeal to me at all in person. Now why can't they bring it out in the 06 rose!:yes:
  13. Tinks, I thought exactly the same thing! I saw citron in the outlet this past summer and that is one color that does not appeal to me at all!:nogood:
  14. Citron is a bad color choice for Coach to come out with.
  15. I've ordered a few of these! It's a great replacement for those that wanted whiskey.

    There are a tonnnn of color options for quite a few bags, but Coach only releases a few and teases us with the rest :sad: