Lily in black or oak?

  1. I have decided to buy a Lily in small but I can´t decide in what colour, black or in oak? maybe the black one will be more verastile, but the oak seems to be nice to. What do you think?
  2. I have both of these bags, I only use the black one for evenings out, I'm quite casual generally so I find it a bit dressy for the day personally. The oak I love, it feels like a nice day bag, I don't tend to carry a lot. I think it depends on your style and how much you hope to use it. For a day to day bag I would go oak, for a smarter bag I would go black.
  3. Buy the one you like the most. If oak jumps out out at you buy it. You can always buy a black one later or visa versa.
  4. My black lily with gold hardware is my most used lily. Get the bag that works best with your outfits!