Lily handbags?

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  1. Some people in the purse forum mentioned how expensive and nice Lily handbags are. I have never heard of this brand, is there a website on Lily handbags? :confused1:
  2. never heard of that brand.
  3. Hmmm, I'm curious too. At over $1000, I wouldn't call the Coach Lily inexpensive, especially for a Coach bag. I googled "lily handbag" and several things did come up. Maybe it's one of them?
  4. Thanks for the info everyone, now I know people in the coach forum meant Lily from coach and yes they priced at $1,198. I have a few LVs that are more expensive than the Coach Lily, but I would never shell out more than $350 for a coach bag.
  5. I think they are talking about the lili handbags brand.