Lily colour dilema

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  1. Hi all,

    So yesterday I picked up a Lily in Mulberry pink, but now debating exchanging for rose petal just wanted to get your thoughts and any who have rose petal does it get dirty quickly?

  2. My rose petal (and I love that colour!) Lily seems to stay ok. But I baby her a lot, love she smell of both her leather and the Collonil gel:smile: But M pink is also a smashing colour! Good luck choosing!
  3. I really like both colours, and it should be said that I don't have any of the colours (or a Lily for that matter).

    But I'd personally be more inclined to use a lighter bag such as a rose petal, mainly in summer, and a darker or brighter bag, such as the Mulberry pink all year round. So I'd personally get more wear out of a Mulberry pink.
  4. If it were my decision I would go with the rose petal as I think it would be easier to wear. I have a makeup bag in the mulberry pink which is lovely but too bright for me on something bigger. Let us know what you decide
  5. Would suggest looking @ wardrobe colors.
    And deciding based upon what coordinates best.

    I have mulb pink bays clutch wallet.
    Wear all year, quite often.
    I like brights in small pops. Easier to deal.

    Rose petal felt an odd tone to me.
    And coordinated with nothing I normally wore.
    Would be shelf ornament.

    Best luck deciding.
  6. I have ballet pink which is v similar to rose petal. Very nice for summer. Haven't worn over the winter. Looks great with neutral outfits like jeans and white shirt, but harder to match with darker colours. I fancy mulberry pink as I think it'll go nice with grey or maybe navy outfits so a bit more versatile for all year round, as pps said.
  7. I would the Mulberry pink as the name is on it: Mulberry Pink 💖
    And because you can use it all year round without being too scared for color transfer and other..
    Good luck deciding 🍀
  8. Very tough decision indeed, I think both are gorgeous. Mulb pink has my heart's so striking & unique. People will stop & compliment you nonstop when they see that color ~ to me, it's a show stopper & a happy color all around. Rose petal is highly versatile/neutral though. Good luck deciding!
  9. Thanks all for your help, I've gone for rose petal, and then possibly going to get the mulberry pink nearer xmas as the girls in the outlet were saying rose petal is always a sell out.
    Thanks for your help everyone!