Lily, Clifton, Darley, hard to choose...

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    I'm going to buy a new Mulberry bag, but it's hard to choose. I want it to be relatively small, can be used for everyday life and having cross body. Thinking about Darley, Clifton satchel or Lily? What would you choose? Tip on another type?
    I would also like to see pictures of your small size bags.:biggrin:
  2. I don't know about the other bags but Lily is a classic and I love mine (both regular and medium ). The only negative about it is that the chain will dig in with lighter clothing when crossbody. Also the regular gets surprisingly heavy easily crossbody - feels a bit like a ball and chain :biggrin: Surprisingly, the medium fares better in this! Both work great on the shoulder, though, no pains whatsoever. Chain on a crossbody bag just isn't the best.
  3. I recently purchased a small darley and think it’s a great bag!
  4. Lily all the way for me. Darley is also cute but doesn’t hold enough in my opinion.
  5. Lily!
  6. I think the lily is more spacious than the darley, so it’s really about what you need and prefer.

    I think the Darley is a cute bag, but for me I want more space.
  7. Tried both Lily and Darley yesterday and preferred the Darley: lighter and it's more structured - more my taste! But agree that the Lily fits in a lot more, so depends what your definition of an 'everyday' bag is, I guess :smile:
  8. I just bought the large darley in the sale. I love it and it can hold quite a bit. I’m not a big fan of how the Lilly looks. Darley is more structured and understated I think. Also seems to be more classic as it’s a simple timeless shape.
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  9. I think it depends on your lifestyle and preference. Lily is a classic bag, but isn't as structured as the Darley (if you prefer a bag that keeps its shape you might be better off with this one). If you can, I would head to a Mulberry store and try them on as seeing them in real life might affect your opinion! :smile:
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  10. Yes - I used to think Lily looked better but in real life that's not true...
  11. Hi how is yr large Darley holding up? I just bought mine too & trying to find someone with similar bags.
  12. I have not had it for long but I love it. It’s gorgoeus and so much bag for your money compared to any other luxury brand that sells flap bags. It should hold up well and since I bought mine from John Lewis I’m pretty confident they will come up with a solution if something goes wrong. I was trying to look up reviews on youtube before I bought it but there is nothing out there so In a way that’s a good thing that means you won’t see them everywhere!
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  13. Yes It is gorgeous and very classy. Value for $ too. I brought her out today for a movie and was able to fit in my long wallet, an umbrella, tissue, mints, my glasses and there's still space. Easy to carry too. Me too, I tried to google this bag review on You-tube but couldn't find any maybe its not a very popular bag but that's good at least its not so common i guess. :smile:
  14. Maybe we should review ours in a video . Yes it’s so classy and really fits more than the others that I’ve tried. Since I’m in the I had to make sure an umbrella fits in there and when it did I had to have it. I think mulberry in general is not very popular on YouTube except the Bayswater and Lilly. Yes you’re right it’s it not too common and doesn’t make you a target as it’s not instantly recognisable. I’ve had a change of tastes and have sold my speedy and other commonly seen bags in London. I was Convinced that I wanted to save up for a Gucci Marmont flap but chickened out last minute because it’s become very common and also I worry that logo is too flashy and will become dated quickly.
  15. Hello! Can you post a video/picture of what fits in a Darley bag?