Lily came today...

  1. and I'm a bit underwhelmed to be honest. The shape of the bag in pictures shows it slouching a bit in the middle, which it doesn't do. The whole bag is just a soft rectangle. Not the end of the world, just different than I was expecting.

    Also, the color of the leather is REALLY dark. It doesn't come through in pictures very well, but it looks like it's already been worn for a while, and darkened. Plus, the sides of the bag are blackened. They look filthy. I know the bag is new, and not used, and the vintage leathers are dyed with these variations, but I am really disappointed. Parts of the bag are the right color, but that means they don't match the rest of the bag. So some parts are light, and some are dark. I really feel like Coach should have checked for this kind of thing before they sent out the bags to people.

    Maybe I'm just being anal about it, but tomorrow I'm going to try and exchange it, and hope the replacement is lighter like my Ali. I went to the mall today, but it was a zoo so I just went home, I couldn't even park.

    Here are the pictures. They don't show how dark it is very well.

  2. Wow!! It's gorgeous and I love the kisslock on the back side. Looks great on you, but if you're not 1000% in love with it then exchange!
  3. If I can get one in the right shade of whiskey, then I'll probably keep her. The straps are a bit on the short side too. It can fit on my shoulder, but not nearly as well as Gigi or my other shoulder bags.
  4. Love the hardware!

    Does it still have stuffing in it in those pics? It does look more structured than I'd imagined IRL. How does the weight compare to Gigi?
  5. Stophle, I think it's absolutely beautiful! Like you said, it's hard for us to see the color variations in the photos so I agree, you need to take it back and see if you can get another. It looks great on you and I hope you can get one that you are happy with! :yes:
  6. OMG!!!! It's gorgeous and looks fantastic on you!! I hope you find one that you LOVE in the shade you really want! Keep us posted! GREAT bag!
  7. It's not as slouchy as it is on the website because they show it on the middle turnlock not the last one... try that out & see if the shape is any more appealing.

    I agree about the varied shades (and textures) of the leather I've seen on bags lately. They need to match them better when assembling the bags. However, I'm not sure if you'll find one the same as your Ali. IMO the Whiskey this year is much different than last years bags.
  8. Yeah, it still has the stuffing. I completely unstuffed it earlier and it fit a little better, but it was still the same shape. The sagging in the middle wasn't there. I feel it's more structured than I thought too. It isn't stiff my any means, but still..

    Weight wise I feel like Lily is lighter than Gigi.
  9. Thanks sweetie. :smile: I'm really hoping to get one I'm happy with too. I'm concerned about the time crunch, because they're selling out and I'm hoping I can get them to comp the next day shipping for me again, so I can make sure I get one I like before they're all gone.

  10. Is that what's wrong with it? I'm going to have to try it on the middle turnlock now. Thank you for pointing that out! I am so unobservant that I wonder if I'd have ever figured that one out. *L*


    I just tried it and that's exactly what the problem was! I bow down to your superior skills of observation. I feel a ton better about the shape, now all I need is to fix the uniformity of the color and I'll be happy with it.

    It's amazing what a tiny difference like that can make.
  11. Thanks a bunch, girl! :smile:
  12. love it, congrats.
  13. LOL! Anytime! Now can I ask you a favor in return? Can you snap a new picture of it? I've been considering this one but my store doesn't carry it!
  14. She's GREAT! I think she's gorgeous!
  15. Sure, no problem. :smile: Do you want it with the stuffing still in it, or empty?