Lily Allens dress

  1. love this dress. can I get it in the US?
  2. Yes, the website ships to the US. Shipping is about $60 US. You can find this information if you click on the help tab on the website and then on the "where do you ship to" link.
  3. I'm sure you'll look great.:tup:
  4. When you get it, be sure to come back and tell us about it!
  5. How sweet! Thanks.
    Fingers crossed. :smile:
  6. that dress is gorgeous!! I want the blue one now!
  7. you can get this dress on eBay too, just search 'lipsy dresses' and there's some an buy it now for £40. I have the pink one, and it looks fab!
  8. Its such a cute dress, hope you love it when it comes :smile: