Lily Allen Vs Kate Moss

  1. Pop star Lily Allen launched her new collection at their flagship London store - and brought dad Keith along for moral support.

    With free beer in hand, the comedian Keith Allen posed with his daughter Lily at the launch party for her clothing collection, Lily Loves, for the high street retailers at their Oxford Street store in London's West End.

    [​IMG] 'Chavvy chic' singer Lily Allen with comedian and actor father Keith Allen

    [​IMG] Lily wears one of the prom-style dresses from her new collection for New Look and entertains the crowd at the launch party at the retailer's Oxford Street store

    • By all accounts it was a bit thin on the ground, as many of Lily's celebrity friends were absent with only TV presenter Fearne Cotton instantly recognisable, whereas sometime singer Lisa Moorish is better known as the mother of rocker's Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty's children.

    But Lily still managed to raise a smile as she posed with dad Keith, and modelled the floral prom-dress style range, along with jewellery and footwear designed by the singer which will available to buy in 312 stores across the UK from today.
    [​IMG] TV presenter Fearne Cotton and Lisa Moorish - better known as the mother of children for Pete Doherty and Liam Gallagher

    The 21-year old who shot to fame with song 'Smile', became famous for her "chavvy chic" style which often pairs long prom-style dresses and ballgowns with trainers.
    Now following in the footsteps of Kate Moss and Madonna by unveiling her own high street fashion Allen insisted there was no rivalry.
    At the launch party, she said: "I don't see any point in comparing these things. I did not go into music to compare myself to other artists... it's a bit boring really. We are just women and trying to get on with our lives.
    "They are both totally different women and have totally different fan bases to me. Kate Moss is a model for God's sake.

    Of course they are going to sell more than I do - they are massive international names. I do not see it as a competition at all."
    Her "Lily Loves" collection features dresses in sizes six to 18, high-heeled shoes, patterned trainers and flowery jewellery.
    Allen said she looked at the 300 dresses in her wardrobe for inspiration and wanted something more than the "usual pretty flower style".

    She described the results as a summer collection of "super-girly" clothes for women of all sizes.

    "You know how I feel about fashion: it's for everyone, not just a load of super-skinny models," she said.

    The launch at 312 stores follows the shopping frenzy sparked by the Kate Moss collection debut at rival fashion chain Topshop.
    More than 1,000 shoppers queued outside Topshop's flagship Oxford Street store to get first pick of the supermodel's designs last week.
    Prices for Allen's clothes and accessories range from £5 for a flower ring to £55 for a "fox trot ruffle" dress.
    After the in-store launch, Lily changed into her favourite dress from the collection 'The Graffiti' dress, and she and her pals made their way to The Groucho Club for a proper celebration. Boyfriend Seb Chew was noticeably absent, and best friend, the T4 presenter Miquita Oliver.

    A worn out Lily Allen says goodbye to dad Keith as she makes her way to The Groucho Club for a well-earned drink
  2. Lily has been working overtime to hype the launch of her New Look range, but with barely a soul turning up to its Oxford Street debut, Lily Allen might finally be lost for words.

    There was a startling lack of interested customers as the high street chain opened its doors in London on Wednesday morning - made more embarrassing by comparisons to Kate Moss's Topshop launch, which easily attracted masses of keen customers. In the high street fashion war, it’s Lily Allen 0, Kate Moss 1.

    Lily in a £25 strapless dress at the launch of her range for New Look in Oxford Street, while Kate - in a sheer dress - arrives at the New York launch of her TopShop line

    Crowds were noticably absent from the Lily Loves… launch, unlike the kick off of Kate Moss's range last week

    For weeks it has been billed as some sort of rivalrous battle - not least by Lily Allen herself.

    Speaking recently of her collaboration with New Look, she said: "They have responsible role models and they’re very conscious of having positive body images and promoting positive women. Unlike Kate Moss and that f***ing billionaire who’s thrown a load of money at her so we get to see what her wardrobe is like."
    To which there is only one response: meow!

    Ever her father Keith’s daughter, Allen has been brought up to know the value of a juicy celebrity feud.

    It’s a surefire way to generate press, and in theory at least, where there is press, sales follow.

    For her first collection for Topshop, which had its New York launch at Barneys, Moss has taken the best pieces from her wardrobe and tweaked them into items that will sell on a mass market level.
    For her first collection for New Look, it seems Allen has done much the same.
  3. Not surprising :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. [​IMG]
    Gilded Lily: Allen in foxy look for Lily Loves... and right, a gold smock

    Lily Loves... New Look is full of the sort of diaphanous balldresses that Allen has made her trademark, such as the Foxtrot, an ankle-length ruffled gown that retails at £55.

    The priciest piece in the collection, it is still a quarter of the price of the most expensive piece in the Moss Topshop collection, a black leather jacket costing £200.

    Of course, when it comes to taking inspiration from your own wardrobe, Moss, a model of almost 20 years’ standing, has a far more bulging closet to draw from than Allen.

    Moss have: Kate at a gala on Monday and right, modelling her hotpants

    Which is probably why, in the long term, the Moss range will continue to have a wider appeal.

    While Moss’s £45 floral tea dress received the most attention at the British launch, it was the £200 black leather jacket which elicited the most interest among older customers.

    With its leather jackets, kaftans, bikinis and gladiator sandals, Kate Moss Topshop is a far broader offering than Lily Loves... New Look.

    Unfortunately, "broader" does not necessarily mean easier to wear.

    [​IMG] This won't make her smile: empty streets on the day of Lily Allen's clothing launch

    Where Lily Loves... probably has the edge is that it caters more readily to the larger woman.

    The Gandalf, a printed smock dress costing £28, is a far slouchier, easier dress than any in the Kate Moss collection, and comes in sizes 8-18.

    She is proud of her own size 12 curves. "I’m irritated by the emphasis on being thin. I wouldn’t swap bodies with anyone," she has said.

    It is commendable that she has let this attitude show through in her collection - though since baggy smocks are in fashion this summer, it was hardly a commercial risk to do so.

    Since the British market seems to go crazy over celebrity high street fashion, there is presumably more than enough room for Moss, Allen and any other celebrities who want to join in.

    But women, like fashion, are notoriously fickle, with today’s must-have becoming tomorrow’s bored-with. After the talk around both collections has died down, the biggest measure of each range’s success will be whether it still exists in five years.

    The Daily mail
  5. Despite looking a little underdressed, the model was in good spirits - she was out to toast the US launch of her line with an exclusive party at Barneys.

    Inside, Moss totted a glass of champagne, briefly chatted with reporters and posed for photographers.

    Kate's showed her sheer determination to turn heads in New York

    The media shy model modestly played down the hype surrounding her range, saying: "I don't know if it stands out. I know what I like."

    Singer Amy Winehouse, Sadie Frost and Sir Philip Green were also on hand at the party to lend support.

    Of her pal's fashion range, Frost said: "It's nice that it's got its own identity and is accessible."

    [​IMG] Sadie Frost arrived to celebrate the launch, and Sir Philip Green was also on hand to mark the occasion

    [​IMG] Kate's fan club: Amy Winehouse made an appearance at the party

    Barneys will sell 26 pieces from Kate’s collection at the Madison Avenue flagship store, among others.

    Simon Doonan, Barneys creative director, raved about the range: "[It's] the first celebrity line with real fashion cred. A lot of others put their name on clothing labels, and it doesn't mean a hell of a whole lot."

    "People are fascinated and intrigued by the way she puts herself together.

    "There's an effortlessness to it and a savoir-faire that has made her a style icon. She slings those outfits together herself."

    It's has already been a whirlwind stop for Moss, who lead the charge at the annual Costume Institute gala a night earlier.

    While Moss' career goes from strength to strength, the same can not be said for her personal life.

    During her absence from London, troubled boyfriend Pete Doherty again found himself in strife - he was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of possessing a class A drug.
    [​IMG] The store will stock 26 pieces from Kate's Topshop line

    Customers at the New York store were also restricted to five items per person
  6. LOL... not a surprise :roflmfao:
  7. Kate moss is looking abit TIRED these days.
    I don't generally like Lily Allen but i respect her attitude, not caring about her curves people shouldnt.
    I dislike Kate Moss and find it hard to belive that people packed the streets for her clothes so what we can all dress the same?
  8. I've seen the Lily range in all the magazines today and there are 3 dresses i have my eye on! they are just so much more wearable than the Kate Moss range which i think is very boring, i didn't see one thing that i just HAD to buy it was just a bit blah, and Lily actually designed her range herself, i am not really a big fan of Lily herself and will buy this range because i like it and not because of who designed it, so what if there wasn't scores of people queing round the block to buy it, i think it will do well
  9. I didn't really see anything in Kate's collection that made me think, "I have to get that." At least Lily's is original and creative. It's cute.
  10. I bought Lily's blue maxi dress with the grafiti stitching, it looks great! i bought it for my hols to wear over my bikini walking to the beach, and it was a bargain at £22!!!

    Lily's range is much more creative than Kate's!
  11. I agree:yes: . I had absolutely no interest in seeing Kates line but am a lot more curious to check out Lily's. I just dont get where all this Kate Moss hype comes from.
  12. kate moss ... made for stick thin ladeez...not me
    lilyloves... made for those of us who might want to cover up the bumpy bits, her frocks will hide a multitude of sins, having said that, i can't see myself doing the school run in any of the dresses
  13. I think Lilly cloth line will match with normal people but Kate Moss is a model.

    Anyway, I think Kate looks so much better.
  14. Kate doesen't really need to stand next to an ugly person to look pretty.
  15. There hasn't been as much publicity for the Lilly loves line as Kate's and it doesn't match the impact on the store as the Giles Deacon Collection did.