Lilo's new film

  1. Just My Luck, anybody seen it yet? Im going to see it on friday night *because i like mcfly :shame: * haha
    It looks like my little sister *11* will really enjoy it but will i get like really angry... hmm i dont think any of you lot will have seen it though as most of you arent stooooopid teens like moi lol no im not really that bad...

  2. ven't see it, but can't wait to. i love her :P
  3. i actually really want to see it, i just don't want to pay 15 bucks to see it in the theater. :smile: i'm waiting to netflix it.

    let us know if you like it! :smile:
  4. A Prairie Home Companion was freaking hilarious! Meryl Streep has pipes like I never would have guessed! but no, haven't seen Just My Luck
  5. I wanted to see this because:
    A) Chris Pine is adorable!!
    B) 2 ex OC characters are on it, and I loved them!
    and C) I love LiLo's outfits in the movies she does, they deff. know how to dress her lol.

    but, I never saw it :sad: And now it's not in theaters...going to see Superman tomorrow though :biggrin:
  6. what? who OC characters? i love the OC :smile:
  7. I saw Just my Luck, I Loved it. I think Lilo is hilarious and it's just a fun movie to watch. I know one if the ex OCers us Samairine Armstrong (the one who played Anna). I really wanna see A Prairie Home Companion, seems pretty entertaining.
  8. I want to see it!! But, I don't think they are bringing it down to theaters down here, so I have to wait for the DVD. I love girly movies. :biggrin: