LiLo's New Chanel Bag!

  1. It's kinda cute, but I wish it was in leather instead of patent!!! What do you ladies think? :biggrin:
  2. i like it,but I think she is quite young to be carrying a classic like that.
  3. she annoys me with her peace to the world bs....ughhh.
  4. It looks ok. Not sure if I would like it for me lol
  5. I am not diggin that gigantic gold CC on the front clasp!:hrmm:

  6. IMO, I don't think anyone is too young or too old to be carrying any handbag.

    I like Lindsay's handbag, I admire her handbag collection :love:
  7. I never thought I'd say this about a Chanel bag, but it looks like an old lady's pocketbook.
  8. Love the bag but HATE her outfit... It looks like she's wrapping herself in a gigantic scarf with her breasts about to pop out in any minute! :yucky:
  9. Love it! I always enjoy seeing which Chanel she's toting around! She has the BEST bags! I also like her black nails, her dress and her sunglasses. Cute girl!
  10. I agree, the bag is lovely but on her sort of like a caricature!
  11. I must be so far out of the loop -- I thought LiLo was the name of a member here. :smile:
    I am definitely jealous of her bags. She's got them all.
  12. I like it. It's got a tres chic, vintage-y feel.
  13. LiLo - has the best bags! not too keen on the shiny though... i actually saw something like this for sale on TM the other day
  14. I can't say it's my favorite Chanel bag, she annoys me, too. She has a new bag everyday, I think she has more bags than our NM or Saks put together.
    She may need a special storage house for them soon. I guess I am totally jealous, huh?
  15. Love the bag, but Lindsay is so full of it.