LiLo's Birkin stolen at airport

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  1. Oh dear.....poor, poor Lindsey. No Birkin. No jewels. No asthma medication. No cashmere brain. :angel:

    THAT cracked me up, D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :upsidedown:
  4. ^^ shopmom thats hilarious..

    poor Lindsay.. who cares about the jewelry.. i would go crazy for my birkin!
  5. If she had indeed checked it, I feel no mercy.
  6. It is sad that someone would steal her Birkin, but she really should have kept a better eye on it. LiLo is a bad purse mommy!
  7. :Push:...tst tst...what a pity! That Hermes would have been strapped to my ankle with an iron chain! With all the lines/security in the airports, you've got to watch your stuff well!
  8. Are we a lil' bit cruel here? Yes, none of us really like Lilo' but put that aside, it's a birkin! I will be upset too if my birkin is stolen. We don't know how the situation really is like, "the news doesn't describe much", the birkin may be placed in the trolley with the luggage before being stolen by the thief. Thieves are very smart.

    [p.s. which birkin is that? orange or bj?] :supacool:
  9. I can't believe this is a top news story! Middle East and LiLo's Birkin...
  10. I hear ya. On the news in Germany this morning it was reported that Paris Hilton had been arrested for drunk driving. I don't understand how this is something that needs to be reported on the news....
  11. Hmm one of the news shows just mentioned the story but couched it as "goes to show what airport security is like."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.