LiLo with ink b-bag?

  1. Girls, I think we may have our long awaited first celeb ink b-bag spotting! Unless I am wrong, this is an ink bag...looks like my City, although from the angle I can't tell if it is a City or Twiggy:
    LiLo ink b-bag.jpg
  2. Looks like an Ink to me. Arent you glad you got one before they are long gone?! I sure am! You do have an ink right?
  3. Yes, I have one...I love it! That pic is from Bazaar, by the way...the new one for June with Jennifer Aniston on the cover (aren't we sick of her yet?).
  4. I saw another pic of her with an ink twiggy. Either she has both or this one's also a twiggy...
  5. Oh thats right! Your cute kitty avatar threw me off. You use to have it as your avatar before:love: Seriously darling kitty!:heart:
  6. ----

    Yep, same here, I've only seen her with an ink Twiggy. But who knows, she could have the city as well!
  7. Pics courtesy of PFer angstofgumby and Lily. BTW this is OT but I think the lady behind her is carrying a Balenciaga from the new Linea Metallica (?) line :biggrin:
    ll1.jpg ll2.jpg ll ink.jpg
  8. Thanks! I will tell kitty (Greebo) that you said so! He is looking a bit tattered after his surgery with his bare patches, but he is perking up quite a bit now. :roflmfao:
  9. ink twiggy
  10. AAWWW poor Greebo:shame: Give him a big warm cuddly hug from auntie kimmie for me:yes:
  11. Thanks! He has quite the fan club now! :flowers:
  12. Yes, the lady behind her is carrying a Balenciaga.:yes::biggrin:
  13. BTW there is a picture of her in June's In Style Magazine carrying a white B-bag. So cute.
  14. OOH! I just picked that magazine up tonight, so I will have to take a look! I love all these b-bag pics!