Lilo too cold for Miami?

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    The temperatures in Miami reached the '80s on Tuesday, but Lindsay Lohan dresses for cold comfort – in a jacket, boots and scarf as she heads out of the Delano Hotel.
  2.'s my thing..I'm sure she has drivers etc. so celebrities like her aren't exposed to the elements or walking around half as much as we do in a normal day. She spends most of her day being carted around by others.
    Anyway the other thing could be that it's still winter so she's getting as much use out of her winter clothes as possible lol :lol:
  3. I live in Miami and TRUST ME when I say that yesterday was hot, muggy, and not a day to be wearing that get up.:wtf:
  4. Personally, I think they dress like that just to have an opportunity to wear some of the free crap they're always getting! Even if it doesn't make sense to wear it. LOL!
  5. she looks like one of those eccentic old ladies
  6. She is a trip and fame has really gone to her head
  7. Maybe she got too immersed in her conversation that she has forgotten where she was or numb from something *shrugs* lol
  8. ITA :yes: or maybe she wanted to showoff her new fur coat, what better way to get attention then to wear a full winter outfit in the middle of a nice, sunny day :p
  9. ^^ you said it right!:p
  10. AGREED!! It's so hot down here right's killing me just to look at her in this jacket!
  11. I'm just waiting for the day when she is no more. The money is gone and she's a big has been.