LiLo & Kate Moss - BUDDIES?!?!

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  1. Read in the Celeb rags (while at the hairdresser this weekend), that Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss have become buddy-buddy, and hit a lot of the clubs this past weekend!

    Not only were they both smoking up a storm, but also "performing" (clothed pole dances).

    LiLo also decided to write some derogatory statements about Scarlett Johanssen in the Ladies Room. When she got 'caught', her reply was that she's doing "research" for her latest film ... yeah, right?!?!

    Sound to me like she's getting more out of control every day!!
  2. Ooooh, thanks for dishing out the gossip. I rarely stay tuned to what's going on in the entertainment industry. This is juicy!

    What's she got against Scarlett Johanssen? If she did what she did, that was a bad and tasteless move. She probably wasn't thinking.
  3. wow :lol:

    I'm wondering what she has against Scarlett too.
  4. maybe LiLo is looking for a new source.... :amuse:
  5. These feuds between stars are funny. Reminds me of high school :suspiciou I read on that Kate Moss was spotted making out with Jack Osbourne. If that is true... yuck :sick:
  6. these people are all thoroughly insane.
  7. i read why she doesnt like scarlett

    1.because they are similar in age but she is considered a teen queen while scarlett is a "real" actress
    2. lindsay goes to the clubs and is considered a party animal while no negative comment is made about scarlett
    3. and the last one i can remember is ... JARED LETO!
  8. Ewww. Who in their right mind would fight over Jared Leto?? His peak popularity was like, what, 10 years ago? Has he done anything since then (my so-called life)?
  9. And the cycle of self destruction will continue to perpetuate.. :\