1. Just saw these pics...can I say disgusting? Is she really not wearing any underwear? She's at the KIDS Choice Awards!!!!!
    lohan_nick2_medium.jpg lohan_nick1_medium.jpg
  2. oh my! I don't know but let's hope it's photoshopped....geez!!!!
  3. Silly you.

    I'm sure she was just reassuring the self-conscious freckled children that, in fact, most people do not have freckles on their behind.

    That or Jared Leto was in the crowd.

    OOPS. :biggrin:
  4. Yuck. Get some panties LiLo!
  5. gross If I was going to be up onstage where there are many eyes below my crotch level, I'd definitely wear panties ugh
  6. She's never been accused of being classy!
    Maybe she has a thong on{?}
  7. hopefully there's an invisible thong hiding somewhere up there :lol:.........
  8. :lol::lol:,
    I remembered Janet Jackson's super bowl incident, and everyone cursed her, not justin .........
    I wonder if Lilo will get the same 'appreciation' from the public........
  9. I don't think its real. one can only hope tho..for L's sake haha
  10. ^ LOL! that's a good point!

    I hate that dress she's wearing tho...looks like an ice skater's outfit. Don't get me wrong, I love ice skating but hers is just a bad colour and bad design IMO. :sick:

    Normally tho, I love her style.
  11. Ice skating? You're far too kind.

    Looks like she was the victim of a horrible binder-twine and burlap-sack attack.

    :Push: ;)
  12. Lv..pls don't put her as a new face. I would rather have Amanda..something from she's the man least she's good role model. I can see why LV try to use Lilo. She's the "it" young celebs right now. Pls do more stupid things lilo
  13. ugh ok.
  14. wow......she's moving up there with Christina Aguilera
  15. Shes crazy :weird: