Lilo dating english guy????

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. [​IMG]

    dunno for sure whether they were dating or just friends, but there were pictures showing Lilo leaving kabaret club with Calum Best at 4am this morning n looked very drunk .....

    maybe this is just another english media blow up, but you know how unpredictable Lilo is ...........


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  2. Oh goodness. Calums at it again! Why am I not suprised?!?!

    He is known to be a ladies man. A bit of a player to say the least. He is a nice guy at heart, but I hate to sound cynical, I doubt it'll last long.
  3. she needs to pay more attention on her career + talent
  4. She needs to work on herself before she goes into a relationship with anyone!!

  5. what talent? ohh you mean that silly disney movie she made when she was 10, called the parent trap :s
  6. Off topic but ..... I love her hair color. It looks great on her.
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