LiLo and the "girls" out on the town!!!

  1. She doesn't look bad but the see through top is a bit much I think (sorry if the pic is too big, posted it for the effect). :greengrin:

  2. its not that she doesn't look good but she reeks of though her boobs should somehow make her more in demand.. i think its sad bc she should feel like she's worth more than that
  3. Maybe she's trying to disprove those implant rumours once and for all!!!! :greengrin: I do agree with you she does seem desperate!
  4. I hope you dont mind Cherrasaki...but i would like to document this for by boop oops thread ! :p
  5. Sure thing!!!! It belongs there after all!!! :greengrin:
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]Lindsay Lohan had jaws dropping last night when she attended Les Exclusifs de Chanel dinner at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood in as sheer black number, revealing her rather spectacular rack.

    Here ! I will trade ya !
  7. Put em away honey - we're not interested.
  8. Whew. That's sad...
  9. damn she wants to always be teh center of attention! Poor girl!
  10. Sigh.
  11. *honk*
  12. At least she put on some weight. She looks better now.
  13. wow....
  14. well, that's in poor taste...

    but i will say she has a nice rack.
  15. I agree poor taste but great t*ts for a slim girl