Lilo and her "water"

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  1. [​IMG]
    You may have noticed Lilo carrying a bottle a water lately and you think," Good she's going straight". What you don't know is that what she is carrying is actually a bottle od Voss or Arrowhead and there's VODKA in that water!!!


  2. gosh I hope not. how do you know? I know so many people in recovery from different kinds of substance abuse and carrying around coffee or bottled water is not unusual. Its something to hold in your hands to fill the need to be holding a glass or bottle of actual alcohol (yes it is a real "need"). I'm no big fan of this girl but to be fair, I would not jump to this conclusion if she's truly in recovery.
  3. ^ I think this is all a major publicity stunt... which is sad because promoting addiction is so not cool :push: There are a bunch of reports of her being drunk all over gossip sites and in blind items... Even if it really is water in the bottle, that doesn't mean she isn't carrying anything else in her bag... :rolleyes:
  4. The ad says on the side.. as in Best Week Ever on VH1. It's a fake. If you go to the website and click on the story it says it's listed under "parodies".
  5. ^^^Bagnshoo-well said.:yes:
  6. LOL! "adequite" mannn....hilarious. ahhhh
  7. Oh no; a product like this is so open to abuse.
  8.'s a parody.

    all i can say is that i can fit a litre of jose cuervo in my MJ Stam (don't ask me how i know this), so who knows what all she can fit in those giant bags.
  9. too funny! love those fake commercials
  10. Cuet bag. Anyone know anything about it?
  11. nope, it is cute though
    (I do know thats a pink sobriety chip hanging from it).
  12. Ha ! true !
  13. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a pink sobriety chip? :confused1:

    I love her bag! It's gorgeous.
  14. lol. I love watching VH1.
  15. in AA they give you chips (they look like casino chips kind of...some are made out of metal) to commemorate milestones in your sobriety. 90 days sober is the first big one....then 6 months, a year, five years, etc.